The weather of Tuesday, August 28: stormy decline on the Aquitaine

Tuesday begins over most of the country under the sun, but according to the predictions of Météo-France there will gradually be a stormy deterioration in Aquitaine.

Clouds of fog or fog from the center to the northeast will soon disappear. In the southwest it will be heavy again, very hot. On the Atlantic coast the sky will gradually become veiled and a degradation will be announced for the afternoon.

Wind gusts with more than 100 km / h. Suddenly the west wind gets stronger on the Basque coast, the first storms arrive at the end of the afternoon. They will soon win the Landes and the Gironde, accompanied by heavy gusts of more than 100 km / h, high intensity of rain or hail.

The showers will flood the Pays de la Loire and Brittany. In the evening thunderstorms thunder a quarter south-west of the country and then rise up to the Loire, they will extend to Ile de France and Normandy the next night.

In more than half of the country the weather will remain sunny despite high clouds of clouds, more in the afternoon to the west. Around the Gulf of Leo, a slight easterly wind will eventually bring maritime accesses with low clouds at the end of the day.

Up to 37 degrees in the south of the Garonne. The minimum temperatures vary from 6 to 13 degrees in general in the northern half, 12 to 20 in the south. The maximums range from 18 to 23 degrees at the Channel, 23 and 30 for the remainder of the northern half, between 27 and 33 degrees south, locally to 36 or 37 degrees south of the Garonne before the arrival of the thunderstorms.

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