"There is no migratory immersion"

"There is no migration immersion," said Yannick Jadot, head of the EELV list for Europeans on Friday, defensively "a duty of truth, a requirement of solidarity" (and), "a responsibility obligation", in the shelter migrants.

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"No Marine Le Pen, no Laurent Wauquiez, no Gerard Collomb There is no migration of migrants", said the EP, and condemned the political line of the president of the RN (ex-FN), that of the Republicans and the minister of Home Affairs. Europe "receives only a small part" of migrants "who are forced to survive" and "our societies have always enriched these incredible vital energies", he continued in a speech the environmental activists gathered in summer universities in Strasbourg.

The outgoing MEP also called for the breaking of the Dublin agreements to organize the distribution of arrival between European countries. "Let us not give up the legitimate necessity of our fellow citizens to protect them from and protect them against regressive political manipulation," Yannick Jadot once again emphasized and emphasized "a duty of truth, a requirement for solidarity, a responsibility obligation" in the world. reception of migrants.

In this campaign launch speech, largely dedicated to the issue of migration, the head of the list has destroyed a "chauvinistic parody in which nationalism and sovereignty are sold to us as the last of the subversions".

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