This shock campaign against homophobia in France is going badly

HOMOPHOBIA – "The time that homosexuals were tortured is not that far away, it's three hours by plane." Or again: "To keep a woman of men, nothing is more than a gang rape."

Since 15 August, a new campaign against homophobia has appeared on 1000 Decaux signs in several major cities in France (but also in London and Austria), where these shocking slogans are legible.

Launched by the Austrian magazine Vangardist this ca mpagne tries to denounce the homophobic and violent behavior of members of the LGBT community in certain countries. "The main objective is simple: we want to allow the attention of passers-by to land on these posters and cause a maximum of reactions," explains Alain Roussel, director of the communication bureau Service Plan, designer of the poster. 19659002] Behind these slogans that challenge, the Austrian magazine hopes to mobilize the population to "sign a worldwide petition to the United Nations to register the rights of LGBTQI people in Article 2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights," Service plan in his communiqué.

On Twitter, the European Lesbian Conference insurgée: "Have you consulted French or European associations to know what they thought of the strategy of using a lesbophobic message to denounce lesbophobia?"

For Alice Coffin, the spokesman for this European lesbian conference contacted by Le Parisien "we miss all targets, including people who have committed" corrective rapes "or would be tempted to take action "According to the activist, the general public" who knows homophobic violence, but few lesbian deeds know this second degree do not understand. It must be more pedagogical and basic. Answer. Only the violence that lesbian women have experienced would have been just as shocked. "

The organization also calls for the withdrawal of this campaign.

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