tourists want to get rid of crickets, too noisy for their taste

This summer, because of the high temperatures, the crickets sang (a lot). Which did not satisfy all tourists.

A few weeks ago, on the Lozère side, the sound of the church bell was cracking the ears of holidaymakers. Today it is the crickets that are in sight of holidaymakers looking for peace.

As reported by our colleagues & # 39; s France Blue, the crickets that were sung all summer (and very strong), the tourists of passage in Provence complained about the noise and made a complaint!

Twice in recent weeks, Georges Ferrero, the mayor of Beausset (Var), was stopped by tourists who wanted to know "how to get rid of cicadas?"

"Do you have insecticide products?"

"They asked me: do you have insecticides to go over the trees, how do you get rid of the crickets?", Says the latter.

According to Georges Ferrero, these tourists no longer heard each other, so they watered the trees to silence the crickets and even challenged the name "song of the cicada"! "They make" crac-crac-crac … it has nothing to do with a song "…

"A poignant situation" for the chosen Var. "I was very shocked, the crickets are part of the emblem of Provence … When we come to the south, we know that there are crickets, we are proud to have them!"

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