Trappes: "unbalanced" shot after killing two members of his family, IS claims

Trappes, France – A man with "serious psychiatric problems" killed two members of his family on Thursday morning and injured another person in Trappes (Yvelines) before being shot by the police, an act claimed by the state group. Islamic Republic (IS) but whose authorities tried to determine whether he was a terrorist.

The 36-year-old assailant killed his sister and mother with knives, sources in the vicinity of the investigation said. A third person, a 66-year-old passer-by, was between life and death and was admitted to the hospital.

When they arrived, the police saw "two people are lying on the ground"Minister of the Interior Gerard Collomb told the press in Trappes.

The attacker, who, according to a police source, cried "Allah Akbar"("God is the greatest") in the pavilion where he had been entrenched,"his mother killed"before going out"with a knife"And"continue to advance despite the summons"policemen, who"so have signed"and shot him down," Mr. Collomb added.

He had "a psychiatric problem that seems important"and if he was"stuck"have done"the apology of terrorism"in 2016 the lake presented the profile of a"unbalanced"than a"concerned"able to respond to"orders and instructions"of a terrorist organization such as the Islamic State, the minister added.

The attack was quickly claimed by the IS, who claimed through the propaganda agency that the attacker had responded to the attacks.calls to target nationals of the coalition countriesUS-led soldiers fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria, including France.

Although the IS has long had the reputation to only claim attacks that it had organized or inspired, its reliability has been questioned in recent months by officials and experts after several dubious claims.

"In 2017 we have three examples of crazy claims from the Islamic State: the attack on a nightclub in Manila, explosives in Orly and especially the massacre in Las Vegas, which they claimed but for which there was no link has not been established with the IS", remembers Jean-Charles Brisard, chairman of the Center for Terrorism Analysis, interviewed by AFP.

– "A man who left the shots"-

For now, the parquet floor of Paris "has not retained the terrorist qualificationCollomb said, and in the neighborhood partially blocked by the police, the testimonials collected by AFP seemed to reinforce the hypothesis of a family conflict.

According to various residents, the attacker was separated from his wife and he had not seen his children for a long time.

Pascal, 59, who lives in a neighboring building, says he knows the attacker well: "I often had coffee with him, it was a month since I had seen him""We talk about terrorism, but it is not a terrorist, it is a man who has gone mad", he said, saying to himself:"outraged that people say something".

"Apparently it is a family drama, it has nothing to do with religionSaid, a 35-year-old electrician who lives nearby, said he had studied with the attacker.He was divorced, he lived here in his mother's house in a small house, he was a bus driver. He was a super nice person, super open, a very good person, even if it was a bit nervous"he added.

This attack comes about because France has been living under a constant terrorist threat since 2015 since the wave of unprecedented jihadist attacks that killed 246 people. The latter fell prey to a knife attack led by Khamzat Azimov, a 20-year-old assailant shot by the police, in the Opera district in Paris on 12 May.

Trappes is located 30 km west of Paris and is a poor city in the middle of the rich department of Yvelines. The unemployment rate is approaching 20% ​​and the city of 30,000 has left about 50 of its people since 2013 to fight in Iraq and Syria, according to an anti-terrorist source.

The government has placed the city on the list of thirty districtsRepublican reconquest"with extra resources and personnel for the police.

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