Two months after her incredible escape, Rédoine Faïd is still untraceable – 05/09/2018

The helicopter that served for the escape of Rédoine Faïd was found in Gonesse, Val-d'Oise. / Photo AFP

The helicopter that served for the escape of Rédoine Faïd was found in Gonesse, Val-d'Oise. / Photo AFP

More than two months after the spectacular escape of Redoine Faïd, the police continue to track down all the instructions to get the most wanted man in France: this Wednesday morning they sought the family and the friendly entourage of the robber.


On the morning of July 1, a helicopter with an armed command boarded the courtyard of the Réau prison in Seine-et-Marne, while Redoine Faïd, 46, along with his brother was in the salon Brahim, 58 years old.

Dressed in black, masked, two men with Kalashnikov-like rifles appear and retrieve the famous robber who is serving 25 years in prison, after his conviction in April in appeal for a failed robbery in the Val-de-Provence. -Marne who died in 2010 from the municipal police lady Aurélie Fouquet.

The spectacular operation only takes a few minutes. The helicopter is located in Gonesse, Val-d & # 39; Oise. Abused by the thieves, the pilot of the hostage is discovered in shock.

The beginning of tracking

On the same day, the police found a black Renault Megane on fire in the car park at the Parinor shopping center in Aulnay-sous-Bois, Seine-Saint-Denis, where Faïd and his henchmen had fled.

CCTV cameras & # 39; s then show the fugitive aboard a Kangoo utility vehicle leaving the parking lot. The next day the car is found charred in Le Fay-Saint-Quentin in Oise, a department where Redoine Faïd grew, originally from Creil.

On the day of the escape, in the buildings of the judicial police of Versailles, his brother Brahim is released on the evening of July 2.

According to a senior officer of the judicial police, there are now hundreds of specialized policemen on the heels of the nickname "the king of the escape" and it is presented as "a dangerous person".

On the 8th of July a bag of Verneuil-in-Halatte (Oise) will discover a bag that belongs to the command and which contains in particular long weapons, hoods and a windmill.

Faid re-surfaced

For the senior official, the fugitive did not leave the national territory. The continuation of the research this summer gives him reason: on July 24 th, Redoine Faïd escapes very little to the police services in the Val-d & # 39; Oise.

A chase with gendarmes ends in the parking lot of a shopping center in Sarcelles, where the robber and an accomplice who will be identified as one of his brothers, Rachid, leave their car and manage to escape.

False license plates and dummy explosives have been found in the vehicle. "It was played for a few seconds," says the police.

Has Faid thought about returning to robbery quickly? It is more than likely, say sources that speculate about the financial situation of a criminal who is confronted with a prolonged and inevitable expensive rush.

Belloubet and the "security breaches"

Published on July 30, a report from the General Inspection of Justice on the dramatic escape of Redoine Faïd emphasizes a "combination of security gaps", according to the custody of the seals, Nicole Belloubet.

In the row of sight: the absence of strings against the helicopters in the courtyard of the prison of Réau and a "problem" in the emergency call system of the police. Rated as "inadequate reactive", the central prison administration will also be reorganized.

The entourage of the fugitive searched

On September 5, in the early morning, about fifty police officers from the PJ of Versailles and the Central Office for the Fight against Organized Crime (OCLCO) land in the house of Redoine Faïd, mainly in the Oise but also in Paris. . Six places have been searched.

More than two months after the escape of the most wanted man in France, the police are looking for new directions.

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