two relatives of Marine Le Pen returned to the correctional

Two close relatives of Marine Le Pen and a satellite movement of the party frontist, National Rally, are being sent back to the correctional court in connection with the financing of the 2014/2015 campaigns, learned AFP Monday from similar sources. On September 14, the investigating judges ordered a scam and attempted fraud against the Jeanne association and its de facto manager, Jean-François Jalkh, as well as for misuse of property against Frédéric Chatillon, an old friend of Marine Le Pen, according to his lawyer and a source close to the file.

Party financing via Jeanne. The financial magistrates, who were seized in October 2016, suspect that the Riwal company of Frédéric Chatillon, one of the leading suppliers of the electoral communication frontist, has granted the FN benefits through the micro party Jeanne during the campaigns of the municipal and European 2014 as well as for the departmental 2015, according to a source close to the survey. Commercial companies do not, however, have the right to directly or indirectly contribute to the financing of political parties. The judicial investigation was initiated in response to a report by Tracfin, the intelligence unit of Bercy, which had reported "significant financial flows" including Jeanne and Riwal.

Overloaded campaign sets. In a similar first step, called "Jeanne 1", about the legislative campaigns of 2012, the judges already returned to Frédéric Chatillon in October 2016 and Jean-François Jalkh before the correctional court. The National Rally and another of its leaders, Waller and Treasurer of Saint Just, are being prosecuted with them, but holding their trial is postponed awaiting a decision of the Supreme Court, seized by the party that matches does his resignation. In this first case, the former FN is suspected of setting up a scam – via unnecessary campaign sets provided by Riwal – to the detriment of the state, which reimburses the costs of candidates who have won more than 5% of the votes.

Three legal proceedings. In the file "Jeanne 2", the cause of Frédéric Chatillon "is quite small" compared to the first part, welcomed his lawyer. "He is accused of abuse at the expense of his company Riwal because the loans provided were free of interest," he said. In total, three legal proceedings were opened on the election campaigns 2012-2015 of the former National Front. The third survey, about the financing of the regional region 2015 and the role of the provider of the RN, Presses de France, which took over the management of Riwal, was opened in November 2016.

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