Val-de-Marne: a man dies on a scooter while fleeing the police

Creteil – A young man died Tuesday morning during a scooter accident while escaping the police in Orly (Val-de-Marne), he learned from concordant sources.

The accident occurred around 5:30 am on a road near the airport. "At the time of the accident there is no police control as such", explained the floor of Créteil.

Policemen on patrol in a van, "the young man wanted to ask some questions", according to the Prosecution."He fled immediately and parked a parked car a few dozen meters away".

The patrol spotted "scooters that were unwise"One of them stopped, the police tried to approach him, but he restarted, according to this source." The scooter he was driving was a stolen vehicle, said a police source. she said.

"There was no chase", insisted on a source close to the investigation.restarted to flee the police and fell a bit further away".

According to this source, the agents themselves provided first aid to the young man who died on the spot.

Two investigations were opened after this accident, the prosecutor said. One is entrusted to a police service specializing in traffic accidents in the Paris region. In the other survey, this is the "font style", the General Inspection of the National Police (IGPN), which is confiscated.

This accident comes less than a week after the death of a motorist shot dead by a policeman, after a chase of a scooter in Paris, while he wanted to avoid control.

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