Various facts Gone away from Strasbourg: a suspect with a disturbing profile in research

Sophie Le Tan disappeared on September 7, near Strasbourg. This student had to celebrate her evening with her family for 20 years.

The research progresses and evolves towards murder. A 58-year-old man was charged with "murder, kidnapping and kidnapping" on Monday evening, according to the latest news from Alsace.

Traces of blood with Sophie Le Tan's DNA were found during a house search in her home in Schiltigheim. "In view of this new element of investigation, I decided to make additional claims, the head of the murder," said the State Prosecutor, Yolande Renzi.

The man would have attracted the young woman by a real estate advertisement. He had previously tried to attract three other young women, according to the latest news from Alsace, but they were accompanied by a man. He had not opened.

Already convicted for rapes

Known for his justice, he was sentenced in 2001 by the Assize Court of Doubs to 15 years in prison for the rape of a German hitchhiker in 1995 in the Landes and for rape at his mistress in France. 1996. A verdict confirmed in February 2002 by the Bas-Rhin Appeal Assize Court.

In the case of his first conviction in 2001, Jean-Marc Reiser was arrested in 1997 during a routine check of the customs officers. In his vehicle an arsenal of pistols, a shotgun, hoods and narcotics and pornographic pictures were found.

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