Various facts The number of radar damage explodes, cameras & # 39; s soon to be asked to check them?

Tagged, packed or even targeted by bullets … Since the 80 km / h speed limit on departmental roads (without a central separator), Hexagon radars have a hard time, reports Monday LCI.

Since January 2018 400 devices have been destroyed, four times more than last year at the same time. An increase in criminal acts particularly sensitive since 1 July, date of entry into force of the controversial measure. The explosion in the number of verbalizations, doubled in the month of July, has probably not calmed the most dissatisfied motorists.

Camera & # 39; s against vandalism?

To repeatedly put an end to these inconveniences, the police thinks of cracking, via … CCTV cameras installed near the radars, as this last weekend our colleague's BFMTV has explained.

What cool the most angry? The degradation of a radar can still give the authors a fine of 45,000 euros and a prison sentence of three years. In the event of group vandalism, the sanction can even amount to 75,000 euros and five years in prison.

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