Viavoice survey: social insecurity – liberation

Difficult to change costume. A year ago, for his first comeback since his election at the Elysee, Emmanuel Macron heard the first notes of a small music, that of the "president of the rich," which would accompany his majority in the fall at the time of the review of the first budget of his five-year term. This year, Macron would like new clothing: that of a president who works for the most fragile.

Not won: according to our Viavoice study 66% of the French "The feeling that the president of the republic and the government have not or have hardly been involved in terms of social policy and the fight against inequality since the beginning of the quinquence". 40% of them think they are "Bit engaged" and 26% "Not at all engaged". A very strong (res) feeling among left-wing sympathizers – 82% rate the executive power "Not or little committed"– but also good (65%). "This revival of economic and social problems, unprecedented since the beginning of the five-year period […] seems ultimately a truth test for the President of the Republic and the Government " , the director analyzes political studies of Viavoice, Aurélien Preud & homme.


After the Benalla affair and debates on constitutional reform, "The economic and social situation in France" therefore has every chance to become the next battlefield between the majority and oppositions. And rightly so: two thirds of the respondents in this survey say "Worried" in this area, including a very large majority of supporters left (76%), right (79%) and the National Rally, ex-FN (85%). A concern that is reflected in "Priorities" claimed: on the line, "The revival of the economy and employment" (55%), ahead "Improving purchasing power" (49%) and the "Combating poverty" (37%). Far, far ahead "The revival of the European project" (8%) expensive for Macron.

And these are not the announcements from the premier, Edouard Philippe, on Sunday the JDD, that will reverse the trend: the virtual freezing of three social benefits (APL, pensions and child benefit) should merge all the oppositions that are ready to defend the frustration of modest pensioners.

However, there are also some real reasons for our manager's satisfaction in our survey. Macronistic fundamentals in the field of social policy – which can be summarized as follows: less benefits but more support for reintegration – are in the majority in French society. The people interviewed by Viavoice judge indeed & # 39; Priority & # 39; the introduction of measures intended to "Invest more in education, training and learning" (61%), with "Value support to help reintegrate people in trouble" (43%) or "Reduce social minima and increase controls to discourage" assistanat "" " (42%). "Increase social minimums" is in their eyes much less "Priority"(24%). Exactly what Emmanuel Macron contributed in his speech to Congress on July 10: "The strategy to fight poverty […] will not be content to propose a classic redistribution policy, but a policy of investment and social supporthad the head of state launched to deputies and senators. No new helpers on the payroll of an account, but a real support of activity, work. "


In Versailles, the president had also reminded of an essential element of macronism, including in his majority, who were waiting for a "Social turn": "There is no economic action on the one hand and social action on the other." "It is the same property, the same goal: to be stronger to be more just" he had insisted.

In this respect, the head of state can also appeal to part of the opinion: in order to fight poverty, 57% of the respondents in this survey "Restoring the economy"against 31% for whom "Improve social policy"it must be & # 39; Priority & # 39;. A rule that is shared by a majority of eight right-wing supporters out of ten, but also a significant part (four out of ten) of people who declare themselves to the left.

Finally, in their search for savings to complete the 2019 budget and meet their European obligations, Emmanuel Macron and his government should find some support: 55% of respondents approve the reduction of deficits, "Even if this means lowering budgets for public services". Among them, three-quarters of the followers of the majority left, but also almost 40% of the supporters. It will not be too much to hope that you will reverse a popularity ratio that has not lost ten points since the beginning of the year. With only 36% of "Good opinion", Emmanuel Macron and Edouard Philippe still decline (-1 point compared to June) in our survey. If the head of state wins six extra points from the sympathizers of the majority, he loses the same number on the left and eleven on the right. Support less that he can just start wrestling with economic, social and budgetary issues this autumn.

Lilian Alemagna

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