Villeurbanne: a fireman in intervention, stabbed by a syringe

On Thursday evening (August 30) firefighters in intervention Villeurbanne were summoned for a woman who wandered around the streets and disrupted public order. The woman, visibly agitated, bothered passersby, reports Progress. On the spot, the soldiers of the fire discovered a woman "in a state of absolute trance", specifies the regional newspaper.

During this nocturnal intervention one of the firefighters was attacked: the woman gave him a syringe. Information confirmed by firefighters. The leadership was taken and transported to the hospital Edouard-Herriot, it was the subject of the current procedure in case of exposure to blood or fluids (sputum … etc): A blood test and a series of exams. This fireman from the Doua barracks received a preventive treatment but did not stop working.

For her part, the woman, who would present psychiatric disorders, was arrested by the police and given into custody, according to the newspaper. She had to undergo medical examinations.

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