what is known about the author of the knife attack

A few hours after the attack on Trappes, leaving two dead, including the attacker's mother and sister, and a serious wounded, the psychological profile of the attacker is gradually being refined. After his arrival on the spot, the Minister of the Interior, Gerard Collomb, described a man with "important psychiatric problems", who had more the profile of "unbalanced" than that of an "involved" near Daesh. He also explained that the investigation had been entrusted to the public prosecutor in Versailles, and not to the prosecutor's office of the anti-terrorist prosecutor.

According to our information, the man has already had trouble with the law. In October 2016, while being a bus driver at the RATP, he had a behavior that was considered inappropriate. At the height of the commune of Puteaux, in the Hauts-de-Seine, the latter had stopped his vehicle and made "inconsistent remarks in connection with Allah". A passenger complained because she was insulted on this occasion.

Sentenced in 2003 for a military crime

As a result of this incident, the Régie Autonomous des Transports Parisiens dismissed her employee on the basis of Article 8 of her internal rules for non-compliance with secularism.

In a Thursday evening statement, the Versailles Prosecutor said the author of the facts was S and known justice, including a conviction for a 2003 military offense. Since then, the subject of three proceedings has been different, including one for the apology of terrorism . The latter was dismissed in 2016 because "the offense was insufficiently characterized".

Motivations still uncertain

On Thursday the man shouted to the police "Allahu Akbar, when you come back, I smoke you". According to information from the parquet in Versailles, the individual left the housing and the "hands behind the back" went to the police. He was eventually killed.

Despite the claim of double murder by Daesh, researchers remain cautious and do not give up the trail of another family. Last year, the abuser filed a complaint for a family travel story, a complaint dismissed by the officers as "fanciful".

Investigations and seizures should soon take place to determine whether or not the man was in contact with radicalized people prior to Thursday's events.

The prosecution said it had opened a blatant investigation into the heads of murder and death threats for persons with state authority entrusted to the regional directorate of the Versailles judicial police. The IGPN, police police, was also seized to "verify the regularity of the opening fire" when the attacker was killed by the police.

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