Who is "Marie Bliss", Amnesiac retired from Perpignan?

An amnesiac woman, unconscious in February, is still looking for her past. A call to testify can help him.

His face appeared on a call to witness, aired on Sunday, September 9 by France Bleu. This petite woman, with gray hair and clear eyes, was found in February in a street in Perpignan, near the station. Unconscious, covered with bruises and especially memory-retardant. Since then she has treated her wounds, but she is still looking for her past. This woman does not even know her name, so in the meantime she has chosen another. "Marie Bonheur".

The broadcast of the call to witnesses might enable him to dispel a little bit about his identity: some neighbors of the pensioner would have recognized it, ensuring that France is Blue. They managed to give the address of her apartment, that she had lived alone and opened the keys she was carrying. A residence near the station, a few meters from where it was found in February.

But for the time being the identity of the old woman, who has not been reported for disappearance, remains secret. "The people around him want to take every precaution to announce his past," explains, mysteriously, France Blue.

"I experienced something traumatic and had to put up barriers"

She hopes to come back soon with the latter. "I noticed that I was faced with the following problem: who am I? I was in a kind of fog," she said last week to the radio of the medical department where she currently lives. And she wants to leave as soon as possible.

To help him, Xavière Lethuillier, legal representative for the protection of the majors, has sent an e-mail to all hospitals in France, including the pensioner's report. "It is the basis of everything, identity, it would allow him to collect a minimum age, access a house, but she has a name but we do not know her. She is in top form and has nothing to do in this structure ", said the professional in the local newspaper l & # 39; Indépendant on Friday.

"I am like a lost dog without a collar (…) I do not have to be in this structure, I am not ill, I do not take medication, I am in top form", confirmed the old woman on Radio France last week. Even if she holds back to dive back into her story.

"I have experienced something traumatic and had to put up barriers, fear" Marie Bonheur ", I am afraid to fall back on the images of what I have suffered, I wonder if it is possible to resume my life … will I be there come? "

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