Will the return of Macron be social?

Mid September. The date of presentation of the poverty plan was confirmed Wednesday by the spokesman for the Benjamin Griveaux government, at the end of the Council of Ministers of Return. Initially planned in July, it was postponed, creating a controversy over the real desire of Emmanuel Macron – seen by some as the 'president of the rich & # 39; – to pursue a policy for the most underprivileged. "I do not want a strategy that imposes itself on the anesthesia of the summer," said the head of state; the Elysee calls "ongoing arbitration".

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According to Macron, this plan, "an investment policy and social support", will be particularly explored. Some remarks from ministers about welfare or the "crazy money" [mis] Emmanuel Macron & # 39; s "minimaux sociaux" was annoyed and worried. "The government's priority is not poverty, but labor law, SNCF …", deplored the JDD last May the chairman of the National Council of policies to combat poverty and social exclusion (CNLE), Etienne Pinte, former delegate UMP. "We have the impression of shouting in the desert," he continued.

"Protect", the other part of Macron's policy

In the eyes of some, this poverty plan could enable Emmanuel Macron to rebalance his policies, in order to "stretch his second leg", namely left. "The president has the habit of saying that his goal is to liberate and protect, to liberate, we have seen what we wanted to do, to protect, there are sometimes people who ask for it," the Prime Minister acknowledged. Edouard Philippe on the sidelines of a Facebook Live in June last year. Then the & # 39; zero charge remainder & # 39; (for dentures, hearing aids and glasses) praised, what a 'real and beautiful breakthrough & # 39; is. Several measures of the poverty plan are already known: breakfast offered at primary schools, financial bonus for day-care centers for underprivileged children, gradual introduction of a single social benefit …

Is this enough to evoke a social shift? "We will continue to use the consistency of the project, not deviate from the strategy but continue with the implementation", said Benjamin Griveaux on Wednesday. With regard to the "protect" theme, the spokesperson spoke about hospital reform, which will come later, the issue of dependence, territorial cohesion and the end of "house arrest" or the pension reform planned for 2019. The issue unemployment insurance will also be on the table again, and a consultation between the trade unions and the executive must take place at the end of August.


Social justice is not about protecting people with a very high income for two years


in The ParisianMEP Aurélien Taché said on Monday the possibility of a "degression" unemployment benefit for managers to a high income. "For unemployed managers who earn between 5,000 and 6,000 euros a month, we need to open the debate, why not introduce degressivity from six months or bundle the income?", Asked the elected representative of the Val d & # 39; Oise, who was rapporteur of the "unemployment insurance" component of the law for freedom to choose the professional future. "Social justice is not about protecting people with a very high income and finding a job for two years." A test balloon?

A decrease in the budget

Nevertheless, just like every school year, after the review of the Pact Act for the growth and transformation of companies, the debate will quickly focus on the draft budget law (PLF) that was discussed by the Parliament in the autumn. A meeting on the fiscal framework was held Wednesday afternoon at the Elysee. And if the government wants to reduce its target to reduce the general government deficit to 2.3%, it will have to save more, the growth is less strong than expected. In particular, budget cuts are planned for ministries of labor – related to the reduction of subsidized contracts – or for the cohesion of the territories, which includes housing and are therefore affected by the reform of the LPAs. One of the privileged ministries is Defense (+1.7 billion), Education (+750 million for the "School Education" mission).

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"A budget is a strong political choice and we will do it, increases and efforts will be requested for certain sectors," Benjamin Griveaux said on Wednesday and called for "consistency in political and economic choices." Emmanuel Macron should not undo his promise on the deficit, and reject any comparison with what he calls the old world. "If he fails the shortage, he will offer an ideal angle to the right, who will accuse him of being the son of the Netherlands", he analyzed in The world Jérôme Fourquet, director of public opinion in Ifop. He added: "Center-right is a very cautious electorate on balanced budget issues." However, the president wants to count on it with a view to the elections. Everything always revolves around balance.

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