Wolves: the needs of the breeders

Under the mist of a summer morning, a family of breeds leaves the vast mountain Lozère. The departure is forced for the 2500 ewes of their herd. Last week he suffered a new attack, the fourth in less than three months of summer. About fifteen ewes were slaughtered. Since then, the breeders have been changing every day to guard the herd, from gun to shoulder, from sunrise to sunset. The situation can be dangerous without a weapon. A shepherd fell face to face with a wolf, struggling to let him leave to avoid an attack.

After 30 km and 8 hours of walking the sheep are back to the sheepfold. No matter of falling asleep so far, it's time to count the sheep. About thirty sheep are missing on this meadow, next to the sheep killed by the wolf. When the wolf was not yet raging, the losses were lower.

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