Volkswagen and Audi discuss Rupert Stadler for the third time.

Munich, Dusseldorf, FrankfurtThe fact that Audi CEO Rupert Stadler has to leave is undisputed on the VW Supervisory Board. Although the inspectors could not agree on a replacement of the incumbent CEO since June.

There are still different opinions about the modalities, as is said time and again, for example about the issue of the departure premium. But the timing is difficult: earlier this week, the federal government wants to announce the cornerstones for adapting several hundred thousand diesel cars.

It is certain that the car owners also have to contribute to the costs. A costly settlement contract for a manager suspected of having been deeply involved in the emissions scandal would be difficult to convey. Officially, none of the parties involved want to comment. On Tuesday, the inspectors want to consult again by telephone.

Stadler is now in custody for more than three months. And just as long, the supervisory boards of Volkswagen and Audi are now struggling with the question of how to deal with the Causa Stadler. Because officially the Audi boss only "leaves" since his detention. The Munich Public Prosecutor arrested the top manager in mid-June due to blackout in connection with the diesel investigations.

Audi engineers are considered the authors of the fraudulent software that has manipulated several million cars in the VW group to simulate lower emissions. Stadler has always maintained his innocence.

He is also still at the head office, because owners and policy can not agree on the amount of severance pay: in particular, the families of major shareholders Porsche and Piëch for a generous remuneration of the acting for more than ten years Audi chief , which only in the last year received a new five-year contract.

The Land of Lower Saxony and parts of the employees want to avoid a high benefit, but also because they fear that a high compensation for departure will cause a reputation damage for the VW group. According to the Handelsblatt, the amount in the room is slightly less than ten million euros.

Since the arrest of Stadler, marketing director Bram Schot has led the company in Ingolstadt for the time being. The Dutch person is only a temporary solution, but should now stay longer than expected. Already in the coming weeks he could get a contract that would make him Audi CEO for at least the next two years, he said in company circles.

Because important decisions are taken in Ingolstadt, the so-called & # 39; cycle planning & # 39; to be completed for the next seven years. It concerns the question of which models are produced where and with what quantities. Unlike in the past, it now also needs to be determined which discs must run in which factories of the production line. That is why Audi wants to offer ten fully electric models in 2025.

Schot has to determine these future-oriented questions because the desired solution from VW-owner Herbert Diess with regard to Stadler succession is likely to be refused in the longer term. This, until 2014 Development Director at BMW, had convinced Markus Duesmann in June to cancel his job as purchasing manager in Munich. Last week, the personnel department was also subject to the meeting of the Supervisory Board.

BMW's board of directors is angry about Duesmann's behavior, "the Handelsblatt learned from circles in the committee The result: Duesmann is free In addition to the contract until mid-2019, BMW insists on an additional ban on competition for another year. Before the second half of 2020 there is no Audi director named Duesmann, says Munich.

There is also a message that is received with dismay not only in Ingolstadt. Peter Mertens, member of the development council, who only moved from Volvo to Audi in May 2017, has to give up his post for health reasons. This is a particularly bitter loss for Audi, because the highly respected industry Mertens should finally bring peace to the crisis-ridden technical department, which has five boss changes in five years behind it.

Now comes the sixth: from November Hans-Joachim Rothenpieler, so far, is the quality leader of the VW Group. He must continue with the electric offensive of his predecessors. Audi has introduced its "Etron" in mid-September, its first electric SUV on the market and wants to deliver 2025 on a third of the sale of nearly two million cars with electric propulsion.

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