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300 Mbps: M-net starts with G.fast rates and telecom collaboration

Since May 2019, M-net has also offered G.fast rates of up to 300 MBit / s in its networks. The company spokesperson, Hannes Lindhuber, told Golem.de upon request. About which fiber optic technology the connections are realized, "customer communication is usually not part of the job because this technical level of detail is not relevant to most of our customers"Lindhuber said.

job market

  1. Jetter AG, Ludwigsburg
  2. Hasso Plattner Institute of Digital Engineering gGmbH, Potsdam

With G.fast summation, bitrates are possible in up and downloads of up to 1 GBits / s, which is considerably more than with super vectoring via FTTC. M-Net has announced the availability of G.fast within 12 months in May 2017, but has not yet offered a product.

In addition, M-net has recently established connections for private and business customers via Layer 2-bitstream access through Deutsche Telekom, Lindhuber explains. "In selected regions where we have not yet developed our own fiber optic infrastructure, we rely on Deutsche Telekom's regulated standard wholesale product to provide customers with internet and telephone services."

Growth despite crisis in Cham

The number of FTTB / H households on M-Net grew by more than 13 percent last year. The number of active contracts with private and business customers increased to around 470,000 on December 31, 2018. Turnover in the 2018 financial year increased by around 5 percent to more than 255 million euros.

Nelson Killius, CEO of M-net, said: "Especially in the expansion areas, which had already been upgraded by M-net with fiber in the home or in the apartment, the market comparison showed a particularly strong customer demand for M-net broadband internet services." In order to achieve maximum delivery security for the future, M-net will be the coming years "specifically developing from a fiber optic company to an FTTH provider"stated Hermann Rodler, Technical Manager of M-net.

The Cham district in the Upper Palatinate and M-net agreed after a lengthy conflict to end the expansion project from 2017 for a compensation payment. The partially rocky bottom could not be torn open at the agreed price and refilled. No new partner has been found.

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