“A heart for children”: TV doctor Dr. Wimmer moved to tears – a heart for children

This Saturday night performance at 10:30 pm was a moment of incredible love, strength, inspiration and hope for parenthood. Hope something can grow out of a sad fate.

A doctor whose child has lost the battle due to an illness and who wants to fight. For others! TV doctor Dr. Johannes Wimmer spoke at the “Ein Herz für Kinder” gala about the death of his daughter Maximilia, who died at the age of only nine months.

During the show, Wimmer said to presenter Johannes B. Kerner: “It would have been worse for me not to come here today. Because then cancer would have triumphed. “

Dr.  Johannes Wimmer came to it the day after his daughter's funeral

Dr. Johannes Wimmer came the day after his daughter’s funeral to the “Ein Herz für Kinder” -gala: “Out of meaninglessness something meaningful must arise”Photo: Eventpress

Only on Friday did Dr. Johannes Wimmer (37) and his wife Clara (33) the worst situation that can happen to parents. They buried their nine-month-old daughter in a Hamburg cemetery. A few days ago, Maximilia died of a very malignant brain tumor.

The little girl fought bravely. The parents outdid themselves in difficult months. But they want to keep fighting.

For months the doctors fought in vain for the life of Wimmer's daughter Maximilia.  She died of a brain tumor

For months the doctors fought in vain for the life of Wimmer’s daughter Maximilia. She died of a brain tumorPhoto: private

Dr. Wimmer to BILD: “For the fact that something meaningful can arise from this meaninglessness. That is why it is important in ‘Ein Herz für Kinder’ to point out the fate that can be faced. Money for research so that as many children, parents and family members as possible are spared the same. Please donate. We have to do EVERYTHING so that this disease can be cured at some point and no child has to die from it. “

The doctor told live on TV about the difficult times: “As a father, the hardest part is to let go and tell the child they can go when they want.”

He describes very movingly: “In the past weeks and months we have felt how meaninglessness has driven us. We were spectators in our own lives. My goal is to create something meaningful. Otherwise the cancer would have triumphed. Now he has taken her life, but we keep fighting. “

Dr. Wimmer about the time with Maximilia: “I thought it was important that we as a family have a special moment of the day.” And he advises other affected individuals: “Seek help and ask for it. It was cooked for us, the other children were taken away. It’s the little things, and those around you are very grateful if they can help. ”

With the help of the Wimmer family, “Ein Herz für Kinder” wants to use your donations to help set up and expand the new Children’s Tumor Center (KITZ) in Heidelberg.

Under the leadership of tumor expert Prof. Stefan Pfister, Europe’s leading research facility is being built here. Wimmer: “Unfortunately, this project depends on private donations. And because I want to spare other parents this pain, I am doing my utmost here. “

With his appearance, Dr. Johannes Wimmer all of Germany to tears.

Verona Pooth with son San Diego (17) and husband Franjo couldn't hold back her tears

Verona Pooth with son San Diego (17) and husband Franjo couldn’t hold back her tearsPhoto: Niels Starnick

Giovanni and Jana Ina Zarrella were also deeply moved by Dr.  Wimmer's story

Giovanni and Jana Ina Zarrella were also deeply affected by Dr. Wimmer’s storyPhoto: Niels Starnick

Whether it’s millions of people in front of the television – or the celebrities in the Berlin room. Manuela Schwesig, Verona Pooth, Dieter Hallervorden and other stars let their feelings and tears run free.

Here’s how you can help

If you want to help too, donate to: BILD hilft e. V., keyword: “A heart for children”. Donation account: 067 67 67; IBAN: DE60 2007 0000 0067 6767 00; BIC: DEUTDEHH or at www.ehfk.de or at www.paypal.me/einherzfuerkinder

The donation telephone runs until December 11: 01802 – 10 10 10 (fixed line: 6 cents / call, mobile: max. 42 cents / minute, daily from 9 am to 10 pm).

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