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After the crossbow drama in Passau: new details about the famous weapons – Panorama

  • Puzzles about three deaths in Passau
  • Their bodies are pierced with arrows – next to them are crossbows
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Passau. The crossbow drama of Passau keeps puzzling. On Saturday the police in a guest house Passau found three dead. There were arrows in the bodies of two women and a man, and two crossbows lay beside the bodies.

Two days later, the researchers found two more bodies in the apartment of one of the dead in Wittingen near Gifhorn in Lower Saxony. The preliminary autopsy result has brought the first light into the darkness. Still a question remains. Meanwhile, grotesque details from the lives of the dead and the "guru" Torsten W. come to light.

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Here is all the information about the Passau crossbow drama:

Friday, May 17

4:21 pm: On Wednesday, the researchers searched the home of the 53-year-old killed in Passau. As the public prosecutor Hildesheim announced Thursday, the man from Borod in Rhineland-Palatinate was an acquaintance of the two women found in Lower Saxony.

The search was ordered to find more evidence for it. Numerous supporting documents are protected.

On Thursday, the Passau prosecutor announced new details regarding the weapons found in the pension.

It is not about medieval crossbows made of wood, but modern sports or recreational weapons, a prosecutor spokesman said. The two smaller ones are approximately half a meter long, the larger ones 80 centimeters to one meter long.

1:45 pm: It is conceivable that the man would only have won the trust of the three women, criminal psychologist Lydia Benecke de Focus said. Maybe he used that later for his purposes.

However, it cannot be deduced that he was the boss of the group. There are countless variations, because the power relationships within the group really looked like. They should all be considered for further investigation.

11.30 a.m. Criminal psychologist Lydia Benecke finds it "absolutely premature" based on current facts to speculate that the victims may have been active in the BDSM or SM scene. Some media had previously made this connection between the people and the act.

The speculation would only refer to statements from neighbors and would not be sufficient for such conclusions.

8:33 am: Several people kill themselves and others from the same group – that is what Kriminal psychologist Rudolf Egg describes to the Bild newspaper as "unusual." In this case he sees parallels with sector-like structures, because & # 39; there is a dominant personality and other people who are subordinate to it. Perhaps that was comparable in this group. "

The leader would therefore have a charismatic personality and attract attention to certain people. So maybe the women: maybe they were lonely, they had low self-esteem and they liked to maintain themselves.

Thursday, May 16

16:53: Many questions remain open in the bizarre case. As a spokesman for the public prosecutor, Passau said, these questions should also be clarified: "What is fact, what rumor, what pretension?"

16.07 clock: In the RTL TV documentary about the crossbow murders "How our daughter fell into the grip of the guru", private investigator Rolf Will talks about the relationship between a young woman (19) and 53-year-old Torsten W. must be a woman who has been missing for years. Years ago, the detective was hired by the parents because Torsten W. had taken control of the daughter.

The nineteen year old met Torsten W. in the martial arts club

The two are said to have met in a martial arts club, tell the parents of the dead 19-year-old Carina. "She had turned away from her family," says the detective. "She was manipulated to make her parents appear," says Will. He unpacks what the strange SM relationship is. For example, the girls should cut a bald head, brush the joints with toothbrushes and submit, he had heard.

The deadly victims were allegedly anchored in the Middle Ages and participated in knight fights. Torsten W. is said to have operated a medieval store. They should have lived withdrawn, also telling neighbors in the documentary. The police want to tell what was written in their will, but that was found next to the crime scene.

The 19-year-old was one of the two bodies found in Wittingen, two days after the crossbow murders in Passau, in which Torsten W. and two other women (30 and 33 years old) died.

15:05: The case will probably keep the experts busy for longer. Various reports have been made on assignment. Among other things, as the BR reported, it needs to be clarified whether and how it is even possible to commit suicide with a crossbow. Because the researchers assume that a 30-year-old killed himself with the last weapon.

Criminal psychologist Lydia Benecke in the RTL documentary: "Statistically speaking, crossbows are rare when it comes to suicide. But this is a special case anyway … If they had a lot of experience with crossbows and had a lot to do with it daily life, that can already be an explanation for choosing them as a means. "

10 hours: The police have now searched the apartment for the 53-year-old crossbow death. According to current knowledge, the man and the two 19- and 35-year-old women who were found dead in Wittingen on Monday were known to each other.

"So far there are no indications that more, previously unknown third parties are involved in the event," police said.

The officials found a "multiple of evidence," as they say. Their evaluation will take a "not insignificant time".

Last Saturday, the bodies of the 53-year-old and a 33 and a 30-year-old woman were found in a guest house in Passau. There were arrows in the bodies and the police discovered three luminaires in the area. Two days later the police found two dead women in Wittingen – in the apartment of a deceased woman from Passau.

Wednesday, May 15


It may take another two to three weeks to complete the investigation into the issue of the five deaths. Then expect a final report, a spokesman for the Passau prosecutor said on Wednesday.

The researchers continue to work intensively on the case in Wittingen, Lower Saxony. The cause of the death of the two women who were found dead there on Monday was still unknown. So far, the motive for the entire event is completely unclear.

"That is completely in the dark," said the prosecutor spokesperson. Before that the trio stayed in Austria, where it bought at least one of the three crossbows. This proves a secure receipt.


Is there a message behind the crossbow drama? This is what psychologist Ruth Belzner is talking about. If the deaths in Passau and Wittingen are a joint and therefore planned suicide, the reasons for this are very different, says the chairman of the Protestant Conference for Telephone Pastor in an interview with the "Welt": "It is possible that the Willingness to step if you do it together. That it is subjectively easier for them, "says Belzner.

The choice of the crossbow as a murder weapon was above all an indication of a message, possibly for relatives: "I suspect it was a signal to send and not just to go."


There is still no motive for the suspected suicides in Passau and Wittingen. Information about the background of the deaths can arise from the past of the people involved. Thus, according to information from "Focus Online" already between 2015 and 2018, a suicide has occurred in the area of ​​the 53-year-olds. Of this, apparently a younger man who was a member of his martial arts group was hit. The exact backgrounds are unclear.

11.10 a.m.

The researchers see the relationship between the two cases in Passau and Wittingen so far in a registered civil partnership. So the so-called Passau shooter (30) lived with the 35-year-old found in Wittingen.

When the 35-year-old teacher was informed of her partner's death, she was already dead, just like a nineteen-year-old, who was probably missing for a long time. Unlike the crime scene in Passau, no crossbows or other weapons were found in Wittingen. As the police announced by Gifhorn, no evidence of violence or foreign influence was found. An indication that speaks for a suicide. However, this is not guaranteed, even after a first autopsy on Tuesday afternoon. So the precise cause of death is still unclear. However, it is clear that both women had been dead for several days.


The 53-year-old was at the same time with several women

From the life of the killed 53-year-old meanwhile bizarre details come to light. The former owner of a medieval store in Hachenburg (Rhineland-Palatinate) is said to have been with several women, including the 33-year-old, with whom he was found hand in hand in bed, according to information from the "Bild".

The newspaper also reports that the 53-year-old sometimes lived with three women on a farm in Wietze (Lower Saxony). The owner tells about grotesque scenes. The man had roughly said to the women: "In short, compelling sentences:" Have you cleaned up too? But crazy! "The women's body language was submissive, head down. He gave orders," says the landlord of the "Bild". The women are said to have followed his orders as slaves.

09.48 clock

Police puzzle about crucial question

The autopsy results from Passau have provided a first insight into the course of the crossbow drama. The researchers assume a joint suicide. But above all a question remains: why? The motive of suicide in the community is completely unclear so far. The researchers found two wills in the guest room in Passau. Their content could shed light on the subject.

New insights, but there is the identity of one of the dead women († 19) from Wittingen. Such as & # 39; RTL & # 39; with reference to researchers, it is likely that the nineteen year old has been acting as a missing teenager for several years. Their parents reported in an interview that their daughter had met the murdered Passau 53-year-old in a martial arts club. Moments later, contact with the family was interrupted.

Tuesday, May 14


There are still many questions about the crossbow drama of Passau. On the one hand, it is unclear exactly how the case concerns the women found dead in Gifhorn, Lower Saxony. Moreover, the death circumstances of the two women are not yet clear.

The autopsy result from Gifhorn is still excellent. According to the police, no crossbows were found at the location of the bodies, unlike the case in Passau.

Prosecutor assumes suicide


The researchers evaluated the most important traces of the crossbow drama in Passau. The result: police and prosecutors take suicide. There are still no indications that a fourth person could be involved in the event, said a spokesperson for the Passau public prosecutor on Tuesday.

The autopsy of the bodies from Passau revealed that a 53-year-old man and a 33-year-old woman lying hand in hand in a bed were each shot at their hearts. With a 30-year-old from Wittingen, who was lying on the floor in the room, a shot in the neck was immediately fatal. It all indicates that the 30-year-old first shot the other two and then himself. One could also consider the event as a prolonged suicide.


Autopsy revealed: man and woman killed by heart shot

The researchers presented the preliminary autopsy result on Tuesday. According to a spokesman for the prosecutor in Passau said on Tuesday, the man and the woman, who lay together in a bed, were killed by a shot in the heart. The 30-year-old, lying on the floor in the room, was shot in the throat.

The two corpses in the bed were pierced with more arrows, which, according to the findings, were shot after the deadly shots in the heart. None of the three bodies had fighting or defensive signs.

In addition, two wills were found in the pension room, coming from the two people who were in bed, the spokesperson said. The most important question now is how authentic the documents were discovered at the funeral organization. The exact circumstances of death remain unclear.

Monday, May 13:


A possible reason for the crossbows as a murder weapon is certain. The Passau public prosecutor confirms to the BILD newspaper that the three dead from Passau were members of the knight's club. They would all have bought the crossbows in Austria and were on their way back.


The Kripo Passau does not assume that more people were involved in the crime.


The other two bodies found in Lower Saxony on Monday are two dead women.

A new detail brings something more light into the thing: one of the two women would have been the life partner of the 30-year-old woman who was found dead next to the 33-year-old and a 54-year-old man in a pension in Passau, so the police.

A neighbor describes the alleged dead life partner as a "bit weird", as the Allgemeine Zeitung (AZ) reports. She was always dressed in black, so "gothic-moderate", the AZ quotes the neighbor.

How the three dead people were in Passau is still unknown.

3:14 pm:

New details in the case of the three crossbows dead in it Passau: The corpses of the 53-year-old man and the 33-year-old woman lie hand in hand on the bed, according to Passau's prosecutor, Walter Feiler.

The 53-year-old and the 33-year-old were reported to the chief prosecutor in a small town near Altenkirchen in the Westerwald in Rhineland-Palatinate, the 30-year-old in Wittingen, Lower Saxony. So far, according to police, it is unclear in which relationship the three who had reported to the Pension in Passau on Friday were in agreement.


In connection with the crossbow case in Passau, researchers have found two more bodies in Lower Saxony. The dead women were discovered in the apartment of one of the three victims in Wittingen in the Gifhorn district, a spokesperson for the Passau public prosecutor said on Monday.

On Saturday the bodies of two women (30 and 33 years old) and a man (53) were found in a guest house in Passau. The three had checked in the day before. There were two crossbows next to the corpses, the police later found a third crossbow in a bag.

There were arrows in the bodies of the dead. The man's corpse was particularly disturbing: the arrow was pierced through his forehead and the head almost completely.


The 30-year-old woman, who was found dead in the guest house in Passau, was last reported in Wittingen (Gifhorn district). This was reported by the police.

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Whether she's from town or not, a police spokesman in Gifhorn on Monday didn't know. The 30-year-old was discovered on Saturday alongside the bodies of a 53-year-old man and a 33-year-old woman from Rhineland-Palatinate in a guest room in Passau. Researchers found crossbows among the dead.

10:54 am:

The police have announced horrific details about the three bodies in a pension in Passau.

According to the corpses of the 53-year-old man and the 33-year-old woman from Rhineland-Palatinate in a guest room in a bed. The dead 30-year-old from Lower Saxony was lying on the floor. In addition, the researchers provided a third crossbow, which was still in a bag, said a police spokesperson for Lower Bavaria. Earlier there was only talk of two crossbow weapons.

An autopsy should provide more insight into the circumstances of death on Monday. The results should be available on Tuesday.

6 clock:

Two days after the discovery of three deaths in a guest house in Passau, the circumstances of the drama are still completely unclear. The autopsy of the bodies is planned for the beginning of the week, as the police announced during the weekend. It must contain information about, among other things, the cause of death.

In a guesthouse the employees had found the three dead guests on Saturday with arrows in their bodies. Researchers secured two crossbows. There are no indications of other people's involvement.

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The dead are a 53-year-old man and two women at the age of 33 and 30 years. They are German citizens. According to researchers from Rhineland-Palatinate, the 30-year-old and the 33-year-old come from Lower Saxony.

Sunday 12 May:

4.40 pm:

Two women and one man were found dead on Saturday in a guest house in Passau. There were arrows in their bodies that could come from a crossbow.

The police found two crossbows next to the dead. What exactly happened at the guest house in Passau is currently unclear. The police are facing a ram.

The people in Passau are shocked – and with a loss. The guest house in Passau is located on the edge of the forest, near the River Ilz. The host family does not want to comment on the three dead. "No time", a local woman swarms and disappears in the kitchen. The guest rooms are on the floor above. A young woman goes to bed there. Immediately her colleague comes up, raises her hands defensively. "We don't comment on that." The two disappear into the ironing room.

"They can't help it," says a young woman who lifts a stroller in front of the inn out of the car. "Imagine that you are the girl and discover the bodies …" She breaks off in the middle of the sentence. "It's like a bad thriller," her husband says, shaking her head.

The dead are a 53-year-old man and two women at the age of 33 and 30 years. They are German citizens. According to researchers from Rhineland-Palatinate, the 30-year-old and the 33-year-old come from Lower Saxony. They had rented for retirement on Friday. The relationship between them was unclear. The investigation continues.


The deaths of three people in a pension in Passau are puzzles: arrows were found in the bodies of the man and the two women, the researchers made two crossbows sure.

The prosecutor ordered the autopsy of the bodies, as the police reported further on Sunday. Pensioners had discovered the dead in a room on Saturday. There are no indications of involvement of other people according to the police.

What exactly happened at the guest house in Passau is still unknown. Questions about whether two people might have shot each other or shot themselves remained unanswered.

The dead are a 53-year-old man and two women at the age of 33 and 30 years. They are German citizens.

According to researchers from Rhineland-Palatinate, the 30-year-old and the 33-year-old come from Lower Saxony. They had rented for retirement on Friday. The relationship between them was unclear. The investigation continues. The guest house is surrounded by greenery on the outskirts of Passau on the River Ilz.

Saturday 11 May:

On Saturday, employees retire in Passau discovered three bodies in one of the rooms.


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The police arrived at 12 noon Passau informed. The police were also on site.

Passau: two women and one man are found dead in the hotel

The corpses were two women (33 and 31) and one man (54). All three checked the guest house the night before.

Two crossbows were also secured by the police in the room.

At the moment it is still unclear what the three people have died of. It is also unclear in which relationship the people were facing each other. (pen / ak / dpa)

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