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Android Q: Google wants to cancel the Back button

Google is not finished with the conversion of its Gestennavigatie under Android until now. With the release of Android Q, the Back button should be removed.

With Android 9 Pie, Google had left the navigation with three buttons and introduced a gesture control with the release of the mobile operating system in August 2018. Critics did not find the implementation consistent enough – with Android Q a further development phase has to take place.

Android Q: Google continues to work on the navigation

As XDA Developer reports, Google is working on a new version of his gestural control. The controversial back button is removed and even more set to gestures, just as Motorola uses it in its gesture solution. This information is based on an internal, early pre-release version that has been leaked to XDA Developers.

In the new version of the navigation solution, the Back button must be completely removed. As an alternative, Google presents a new swipe gesture on the left, which is executed via the pill-shaped control button. In addition, the change between the last two apps was performed faster. The detour via the multitasking overview is similar to the OxygenOS from Oneplus that is no longer needed.

Android Q: First pre-release movements Navi is still not consistently implemented

Critics would not like it if the new solution continues, because Google still can not separate from using a button on the screen, if the leaked version should flow to the final release. Because they still do not create space on the screen, as it is achieved with solutions from Apple, Huawei or Oneplus.

XDA developers emphasize that this is an early test. It is quite possible that Google could continue to lend a hand to the final version of Android Q. As in previous years, we expect the release of the big update in the summer. Until then, Google still has a lot of time.

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