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Apple & # 39; s iPhone sales sank in China

DAccording to calculations by market researchers, iPhone sales in China fell by a fifth last Christmas. Apple had sold fourth in the fourth quarter of 2018 in the world's largest smartphone market with approximately 11.8 million phones and a market share of 11.5 percent, reported the analysis company IDC Monday.

At the top of the market, smartphone supplier and network developer Huawei has managed to increase its lead, according to IDC. The paragraph has increased by 23.3 percent to 30 million smartphones – that has given Huawei a market share of 29 percent. Huawei is currently in the spotlight of several Western governments who want to protect the company against setting up networks of super-fast 5G radio for security reasons. Huawei rejects the accusations.

Interest in used iPhones

In the smart phone rankings of IDC are two and three of the Chinese brands Oppo and Vivo, each with almost a fifth of the market. Xiaomi closes the Top 5 with ten percent market share. Apple is therefore the only one of the five largest smartphone suppliers in the gigantic market, which is not from China. All other brands together make up just over one tenth of the market. In general, sales of smartphones in China in the last quarter of 2018 declined by 9.7 percent year on year to a good 103 million devices.

Sales of the iPhone have been depressed by the high price of the devices compared to domestic competition, according to IDC. The Group had mentioned the collapse in China as the reason that the predictions for the important Christmas quarter were missed. At the same time it was said that the number of users in the country in general had increased. This indicates interest in used iPhones.

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