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Choice for the Miss 50plus – a look behind the scenes

Bad Zwischenahn

Saturday night, 22.43. In the Wandelhalle in Bad Zwischenahn all eyes are on the stage, bathed in shimmering spotlights. At the same time, "Let's dance", juror Joachim Llambi, who leads the gala with Ines Klemmer (Miss Germany 1991 and Queen of the World 1992), announces the winner of the Miss 50 plus Germany.

A few hours earlier. The room Ostfriesland behind the ballroom is buzzing with activity. It is 5:15 PM. The candidates still wear comfortable, everyday clothing. At a long make-up table they are made up in six places behind each other. Faces are powdered, eyeshadow is applied to hide flabby eyelids, and curly iron waves are attached with spray.

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Candidate Eva Möller-Westman is sitting with a few other candidates in a small round and talks. "I started spontaneously and registered only two hours before the deadline," says the 53-year-old from Langen, Hessen, from Bückeburg in Lower Saxony. "For me, this is all an adventure."

On three long clothes rails neatly laced numerous costumes and evening dresses in different colors. Many are studded with rhinestones or sequins. They shine and shine in the bet already. There are four runs – two of them, in their own dresses, will be judged by a jury with twelve members.

"The nervousness is increasing – it is really exciting," says Marion Ellendorff. "I have blisters everywhere – the patches I had previously bought were a really good idea," says the 55-year-old Oldenburg native. She has wrapped herself in a thick plush coat. "I'm cold with excitement, so far I've only eaten two sandwiches today. & # 39;

As if it were a cue, an employee announced that there is now a buffet waiting in the front room. It's 18.10. Another two hours left. And the mood is still relaxed. On the tables, which are divided into the room, are countless water bottles. The participants, who were already in the mask, sit together in groups and talk. Some look at their smartphones. But the farther the hands turn, the tighter the atmosphere becomes. A candidate let her hair blow for a moment. Mutual make-up is considered, quick tips are given. It is 7:30 PM. The movement starts and the door to the room is closed.

Then the headlights appear in the foyer. Meanwhile it is 20.29 clock. The first run begins. All participants master it with flag and pennant. The second Walk succeeds in their own business outfit.

A look behind the scenes reveals: follow your own evening dresses now. While many candidates have already moved and are walking in their sparkling clothes for reassurance back and forth, Marion Ellendorff is still barefoot on the road. "I have blisters and bruises." But it does not help. She folds her silver strappy pumps, covered her splitting with glitter powder. Then it is back in the spotlight.

The other obstacles also take the participants until the jury has decided on five finalists. "I have achieved my goal", says Marion Ellendorff and laughs happily. She is in the final "I am happy, whatever happens now."

One last time tonight she goes on stage with the other four finalists, after the other participants have completed their farewell course. The tension increases. Joachim Llambi announces the decision.

Evelyn Reißmann stands on the podium in the bright spotlight, pulls her arms up and can hardly believe her happiness. She won the title. "I'm just happy," says the 52-year-old from Saxony, who had taken part in the elections two years ago. A flash of flashlights clatters to the winner, the second prize winner Eva Möller-Westman and Marion Ellendorff. The Oldenburger woman has become the third: "I'll be back in two years, I'm happy." And Eva Möller-Westman adds: "I'm really proud."

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