Coronavirus: mutation can have profound consequences

Coronavirus mutations can swing in different directions. Antibodies can also suffer.

The new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is already causing serious problems. But researchers fear it could get much worse. A certain one could Coronavirus Mutation lead to even weakening of antibodies and no longer resistant to the dangerous pathogen.

Coronavirus: Mutation could have serious consequences

Scientists have discovered many new variants of the virus since the start of the corona pandemic. David Robertson from the University of Glasgow, UK, Gyorgy Snell from Vir Biotechnology in San Francisco, California, and their colleagues are also investigating a coronavirus mutation called N439K in a protein that the virus uses to enter cells.

The study, published Nov. 5, said the mutation affects the protein’s receptor-binding domain, which it uses to recognize host cells, and is a prime target for antibodies to the virus. The mutation has occurred independently at least twice and has been identified in 12 countries, including Scotland, Romania and Norway.

“The suitability of N439K is consistent with our results that the RBM (
Receptor binding motif) is the most divergent region of the S (spike protein). “Write the researchers.” This divergence indicates the ability of SARS-CoV-2 to mutate the RBM while retaining the functional requirement of hACE2 binding to meet and is likely linked to immune pressure from neutralizing antibody responses. “

The fight against the corona virus

While coronavirus mutations like N439K make the pathogen more potent, researchers around the world are already working on drugs and vaccines to help combat the pandemic. Scientists are now even considering corona treatment with plasma beams. The German company BioNTech is also making headlines with a possible corona vaccine.

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