DFB Cup Draw (ARD): Alexander Bommes with assembly line errors – fans mock him

Alexander Bommes moderated the draw for the DFB Cup.


Not everything went according to plan in the DFB Cup draw. Moderator Alexander Bommes seemed misinformed – and confused the audience.

  • In the ARD became the second round of the DFB cup drawn.
  • Moderator Alexander Bommes made anything but a happy figure.
  • He got into a shit storm because of his error-prone performance.

Munich – Alexander Bommes is actually known to most as a sovereign sports presenter. But when the second round of the DFB Cup was drawn on ARD, he wasn’t having his best day – and promptly received a wide response from the public. Mistakes kept creeping up with his moderation. A few too many, as some think. The fan at Bommes is not used to that, his performances are always of a high level.

DFB Cup Draw (ARD): Moderator Bommes makes mistakes – “He doesn’t get it”

It got off to a modest start: the first were the regional competition clubs SSV Ulm, Red and white foods and SV Elversberg drawn. No wonder, because the amateur clubs are always drawn first. This was also explained by the director of DFB Jörg Engels again in advance. Apparently Bommes didn’t know about it, because he was surprised every time.

Spectators started talking about it Twitter funny. “Bommes will not get the draw!”, It says in a response. “Who says Bommes that the amateurs will be drawn first?” Asks another user. “Bommes sucks that amateurs are pulled out of the amateur pot. Oh dear! Says another fan ironically. That can happen, they say now. But it shouldn’t be the only time.

DFB Pokal Draw (ARD): Alexander Bommes “drunk”?

After all three amateur clubs were drawn, the moderator said, “We’ll let them all leave one after the other, the regional league teams.” Another was not in the lottery. A user then asked: “Is Alexander Bommes drunk?” The 44-year-old already noticed a nasty mistake last year.

The misery of mistakes never seemed to end. Losfee Inca rings drew the game from the woman 1. FC Cologne against TSG Hoffenheim. There Bommes exchanged the house rights, the game was even shown in the wrong order in the graphs. DFB man English had to intervene. Bommes tried to cover the situation with humor: “That was a test,” he said with a smile. Not the best moderator performance, but everyone makes a mistake.

a RTL presenter something similar happened recently. He made a mistake. (epp)

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