Düsseldorf office complex can collapse – Panorama-News

Directly from the dpa news channel

Düsseldorf (dpa / lnw) – An office complex is about to collapse in the center of Düsseldorf. During the conversion and the partial demolition of the building, there was too much disturbance of the statics, said a spokesman for the fire Tuesday night. This was discovered during a construction inspection. The construction site was then evacuated and the complex was deposited. As a result, there was a disruption in the rush hour in Düsseldorf.

The building supervisor and various structural engineers are on site to assess the damage and to recalculate the statics of the seven-storey building after the unscheduled interventions. This would take several hours. The residents are not threatened. At present, it is assumed that there is no abstract, no acute danger.

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