Earn money with Old Galaxy Phone: How do you get on eBay Classifieds, rebuy & Co.

Highest trade-in value of older smartphones

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Who are Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S8 on eBay ads, rebuy and co. sell good money, for example to get the Galaxy S9 cheaper. But which second-hand platform will give you the best price? We have seen the sale of older Galaxy smartphones on different portals and in our table show how much profit can be expected on which platform.

Buying or selling platform?

If you want to resell your old Galaxy S model, you first have to get an idea of ​​the different platforms. A distinction must be made between eBay's sales portals and eBay classified ads and purchase portals such as Rebuy, Clevertronic and Zoxs. While you can place your used smartphone on the eBay page for the price of your choice or as an auction, the purchase portals, which we have compared in a separate test, give a fixed price. This is based on the state of the smartphone and also takes into account whether there is even an original charging cable available.

In the big CHIP test: these are the best sales portals

There are various purchasing and sales portals on the web.


Where is it worth it?

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Chic Sonos bargain: 2x Sonos One for a low price

In most cases, the purchase services are considerably less than you would expect when selling the Galaxy models on the eBay sites. Rebuy and Co. receive guaranteed money – if your smartphone is still in good condition. The previously offered amount will be transferred to you as soon as you have sent the old Galaxy model. You do not have to wait for a buyer who is interested in your article. In addition, caution is advised when selling to strangers: we recommend that smartphones are only passed on to collectors via eBay and eBay ads – there are often scammers on the buyer's side as well.

Sell ​​your smartphone via rebuy – how it works!

They do not get the same amount for their old mobile phone everywhere.


One model – many different prices

The table below shows the prices of each model on the different portals. For eBay and eBay classified ads, the prices are based on the sales of the last month, the purchase services to the offer, depending on the state of the smartphone.

Incidentally, even the Stone Age model Galaxy S 1 can still bring among the people – but for a very small price. This was average for all portals at 20 to 30 euros.

Resale value of used Samsung Galaxy models

fashion model eBay eBay ads rebuy (depending on the condition) Clevertronic (depending on the condition) Zoxs (depending on the condition)

Samsung Galaxy S6 (32 GB)

about 150 euros

about 180 euros

80-100 euros

100-120 euros

110-120 euros

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (32 GB)

about 160 euros

about 210 euros

100-140 euros

130-170 euros

120-170 euros

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (32 GB)

about 230 euros

about 250 euros

150-200 euros

160-210 euros

Samsung Galaxy S7 (32 GB)

about 200 euros

about 280 euros

200-240 euros

200-250 euros

200-250 euros

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

about 220 euros

about 300 euros

200-240 euros

230-280 euros

200-280 euros

Samsung Galaxy S8 (64 GB)

about 380 euros

about 440 euros

240-330 euros

310-380 euros

300-350 euros

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

about 430 euros

about 500 euros

300-370 euros

340 – 400 euros

320-260 euros

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge

about 470 euros

If you have sold your phone and are not looking for the new Galaxy top model, but are looking for a smartphone with the best price performance, then you will find the best products from our test in the next list of best in this respect.

In the big CHIP test: these are the best sales portals

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