Farmer seeks wife 2020: Tatjana treats herself to 10 eggs a day

Tatyana eats up to 10 eggs a day – can that be healthy?

It is no coincidence that candidate Tatjana chose chicken farmer Rüdiger for “Farmer Seeks Woman”. Because she loves eggs! At the breakfast table she talks that she actually eats ten pieces a day. Well, if it tastes good ?! But is that also healthy? We took the test. In the video we show the result of the “egg diet” à la “Bauer sucht Frau”.

Tatyana’s “egg diet” in the test

Farmer Rüdiger is stunned when he hears how many eggs his lady-in-waiting is eating. Three to four are welcome at Tatjana’s breakfast. “This is a must,” said his lady-in-waiting. With Tatyana it is sometimes up to ten eggs a day. Rüdiger wonders if he should add another extension for his lady-in-waiting. “You can build an extra chicken coop for the woman to keep her full”, the poultry farmer grins.

RTL reporter Julia did the test: But is such a high egg consumption also healthy AND: Can you lose weight at all with an “egg diet”? The surprising result can be found in the video above.

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