Farmer seeks wife: Young farmer Patrick would have cheated on his girlfriend over and over – Insider unpacks

Farmer seeks wife: Has a big lie of the young farmer Patrick (24) from Oberdorf on Lake Constance been exposed? According to an insider, he would have cheated on his ex-girlfriend over and over again. Now the student is commenting on the charges.

Oberdorf – Is young farmer Patrick playing the wrong game with presenter Inka Bause on “Bauer sucht Frau”? reports. The coveted bachelor from Lake Constance could not save himself from candidates for the 16th season of “Bauer sucht Frau” from June 1, 2020. The student’s heart broke this season by fashion model Antonia from Franken and Sofie.

On Monday evening, the farmer chose Julia (24) from Munich, with whom he ended up in bed. But shortly after the broadcast an insider contacted at Is Patrick Romer from Oberdorf am Bodensee there only because of a lost bet? A bad rumor left many TV viewers speechless.

“Farmer is looking for a wife”: Insider speaks out about young farmer Patrick – he would have cheated on his girlfriend over and over again

Patrick commented on the bet’s claims, but now the insider talks with more details about the Bavarian “farmer is looking for a wife” candidate. This time, the allegations are more serious: Patrick would have cheated on his ex-girlfriend over and over and has no regrets, as reports.

Has a big lie by the young farmer Patrick (24) from Oberdorf am Bodensee come to light?


Patrick would have made false statements in the farmer’s series with Inka Bause, the tipster claims. “He’s not as innocent as he claims to be“.

“Farmer is looking for a wife”: Patrick Romer would have given false information about the show

Patrick had, contrary to his own statements, at “Bauer sucht Frau” only separated from his then partner in February 2020. The insider claims: “They broke up because he cheated on her several times with other womenBut that’s not all: “He never showed remorse and kept doing it,” the insider accuses the young farmer.

But can these allegations be true? At least Patrick is trying to straighten things out. The 24-year-old responded to Patrick Romer says: “My ex-girlfriend and I have been divorced for almost two years. Only my ex-girlfriend and I know what really happened then. ”

As the single farmer says, neither he nor his then-partner wanted to comment publicly on this topic. These aren’t the first allegations against the Bachelor farmer, as Inka Bause had called him. At first he would only compete in the current season due to a lost bet, now Patrick is accused of being a cheat.

Nice on Monday at 8.15 pm Patrick Romer has the opportunity to watch TV viewers at RTL (viewing figures on Monday 23 November: 5.31 million TV viewers) convince them that the allegations are false.

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