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Great interview, part 2: Niclas Füllkrug, & # 39; Has everything for 96 & # 39; done – Bundesliga

Niclas Füllkrug will wear the Bremen jersey from July. Part 2 of the big interview with the striker.

BILD: Your move to Bremen causes a lot of fans for anger.

Füllkrug: Of course, that struck me, I admit that. But I can understand that one or the other is disappointed by my change. And not everyone whistled. Many were behind me too – and I got stuck in front of them again. Something needs to be clarified … "

BILD: Please. You mean the interview on the Werder homepage after you have announced your change.

Füllkrug:, Yes. Werder and Hanover have responded to this topic, two weeks came from me, nothing – intentionally. But now I have to and I want to say very clearly: it has been agreed with Werder that this interview will only be published later – so as not to cause unrest in this important phase. That was very unfortunate and therefore not planned. That was a misunderstanding, which also makes it very difficult for Werder. & # 39;

BILD: But you gave the interview.

Füllkrug: ,, It is not unusual in the Bundesliga that something like that is produced in advance. I signed my contract that day and was there. That is why you wanted to do everything at once and had it in stock later. That is why I took part in the interview once, but it goes without saying – always on condition that it is broadcast at a later date out of respect for the situation in Hanover. I believe I was also uncertain about some of the questions in this interview. By the way … "

BILD: Yes, please?

Füllkrug: , When I & # 39; Hanover or Bremen & # 39; early, I have not decided against Bremen, but against & # 39; Hannover & # 39 ;. I am really looking forward to Werder and Bremen. But Hanover is my birthplace, I grew up here, my family lives here. That is why the city and also 96 will always be something special for me. "

BILD: How unfair do you feel the fan rage against you?

Füllkrug: ,, I can't change it, if some fans have such feelings. I am a player who carries Hanover in my heart and will always love it. In the last three years I have done everything for this club. On and off the square! I fell for every workout, never took a break. Besides … "

BILD: Yes?

Füllkrug: When Werder made an offer, 96 immediately took the negotiations. Unlike last year, no one came to me and said: & # 39; I would be happy if you stayed. & # 39; That is only part of the truth. & # 39;

BILD: The task is now Jan Schlaudraff …

Füllkrug: Jan Schlaudraff has nothing to do with the transfer, which was before his time. He is doing well at 96. And I am sure that he is the one who takes responsibility in the field of sport. & # 39;

BILD: From derby hero to hatred. Does that show how fast the football business is?

Füllkrug: ,, That's probably the case, even though I think that's a shame. Like I said, I've always done everything for the club. And then a & # 39; bastard & # 39; being called in the stadium, and feeling louder than they had previously sung about the game, that obviously hurt. But that will not change my attitude towards the club and the city. That is where I feel in Martin Kind. He sacrifices much of his life for the club, has pumped millions out of his private fortune, is a good person. We don't have to talk about making mistakes and hold his statements publicly against the team. But everyone makes mistakes. He also had to listen to it often enough: & # 39; Martin Child, you son of a bitch. & # 39; He is insulted in the stadium and publicly – for what he has done for the club. There is probably no one who has done more for 96 in the last 20 years than Martin Kind. But: that's the way things are. I will always carry 96 in my heart. I love this club and will continue to play games. "

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