Großbäckerei must close – because of Aldi South – economy

500 employees are worried about jobs: wholesale bakery must close – due to Aldi

The baking plants of Gersthofer are about to go out - the big buyer Aldi Süd had jumped.

The baking plants of Gersthofer are about to go out – the big buyer Aldi Süd had jumped.

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Gersthofen. Terrible news for the 500 employees of Gersthofer Backbetriebe just before Christmas: the big bakery is closed.

One reason for the end: the big customer Aldi Süd has jumped. The Bavarian company had relied too much on the discount giant from Mülheim.

Aldi Süd and bakery go in a different way – the administration has gambled

The news of the Aus is not entirely surprising, the baking companies of Gersthofer stumble for quite some time.


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The fact that Aldi and Gersthofer Backbetriebe are now going their own way is, according to the trade union for food-pleasure restaurants (NGG), mainly the management of the Bavarian company.

"Recently baking companies have not been a reliable supplier of Aldi," a trade union spokesman told Augsburger Allgemeine.

Employees received no wages for December?

Accordingly, the top management in the negotiations with Aldi Süd literally gambled by demanding self-assured higher prices and long-term supply relationships. It is now uncertain whether employees will receive their wages in December at all.

+++ Aldi Süd warns: these Facebook games are fake +++

The Serafin group of companies, owner of the Gersthofer Backbetriebe, rejected the allegations of the NGG on Thursday. € 1.5 million will be transferred to a trust account, the salaries will be paid from the pot. This is reported by the Bayerischer Rundfunk.

They were aware of the responsibility and had worked out an unbureaucratic solution, so that the employees got their money, so Serafin.

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