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Christmas cookies such as vanilla croissants, cinnamon stars and gingerbread often contain large amounts of butter, sugar and white flour. But there are healthier ingredients that taste just as good.

Spelled flour, coconut oil, maple syrup, dates, tiger nuts and cashew nuts provide the good taste of the dough. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when baking with the healthier alternatives.

Replace wheat flour during baking

These ingredients are great alternatives to wheat flour in baking:

  • Tiger nut meal contains a lot of fiber, which saturates and keeps blood sugar levels constant. Tiger nuts are also rich in calcium for the bones and heart and magnesium for the muscles. Tiger nuts are suitable for people with nut allergies and gluten intolerance.
  • Hafermehl contains a lot of vegetable protein and zinc, which is important for wound healing. Of all the oat varieties, it has the most vitamin B1, which the body needs to convert food into energy. Oats are also rich in Vitamin B6, which is important for the endocrine system.
  • Dinkelmehl is slightly better tolerated than wheat flour and contains more vital substances.

Save calories with sugar substitutes

For the sweet taste of pastries, you can use these ingredients instead of sugar:

  • Date sweetness consists of finely ground dried dates with a lot of tryptophan. The body converts the amino acid into melatonin, which calms the nerves and helps with sleep disorders.
  • honey and Maple syrup are not much healthier than industrial sugar. But: you need a little less of them, because they have a greater sweetness.
  • Birch powdered sugar has 40 percent fewer calories than conventional powdered sugar and causes blood sugar to rise more slowly.
  • Coconut blossom sugar gives pastries a malty touch. It contains many enzymes and minerals and ensures that the blood sugar level rises only half as much as conventional sugars.

Fry with healthy fats instead of butter

The fat provides a round taste in the baked goods. You can use it for baking instead of butter Coconut fat use that the body does not store in fat deposits and activate blood circulation.

Other healthy fats for baking can be found in nuts and grains, for example:

  • Almonds and Almond contain a lot of fiber and healthy vegetable fats. They can lower blood sugar.
  • Hazelnuts score with their vitamin E, which protects cells from free radicals.
  • Cashewkerne have the fewest calories of all nuts. They contain phosphorus for bones and teeth.
  • Ground Chiaamen contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are anti-inflammatory and provide a moist consistency in baked goods.
  • The grain Quinoa makes brittle crispy and supplies all the amino acids that people need, as well as the building material for the happiness hormone serotonin.



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