Helene Fischer and Thomas Seitel: older photos leave room for speculation

Helene Fischer has not revealed much about the relationship with Thomas Seitel yet. The fans therefore look carefully at photos & videos & # 39; s.

Helene Fischer in a moving duet with Kerstin Ott

Update of 29 December, 19.38 hours: During her big Christmas show in Düsseldorf Helene Fischer created an unusually important moment. The singer was on stage together with Kerstin Ott (36) and sang the song "Regenbogenfarben".

"He and he – two parents bring their child to the crèche, you and you now carry the same ring, everything is completely normal," says the song of the lesbian musician Ott.

The song was released in July, but thanks to their joint duo with the hit single Helene Fischer it could only be a hit. After all, nearly six million ZDF viewers watched the two women campaigning for the equal rights of homosexuals with this special performance.

The message of the song: You are good as you are – no matter who you like

Helene Fischer sent a clear message to the positively surprised LGBT community and proved once again that she would not let herself get stuck in a cliché or superficial Schlager-la.

Helene Fischers and Thomas Seitel: was she on his shoulders months ago?

Update of December 29, 13:10: Which man would Helene Fischer not like to wear on his hands? Anyone who rummages through Helene Fischer's Instagram account will find a picture of two boys from the German Schlagerqueen. On her shoulders, Helene Fischer poses radiantly with joy and with outstretched arms. One of them, the right one, resembles Helene's so-called new friend, acrobat Thomas Seitel, who seems confusingly similar. Whether the man in the black shirt is actually Thomas Seitel, remains doubtful! The photo was uploaded on 1 September to Helene's Instagram channel. No proof of a relationship, but a possible proof that Thomas Seitel is in any case capable of wearing a woman of the caliber Fischer.

Helene Fischer and Thomas Seitel – Videopuzzelfans: since when do they know each other?

Update of December 28,
20.50 hours: Helene Fischer and Thomas Seitel: many fans are concerned about how and when their love began. Now more and more details and images come to light, which show how long the two already know each other. In a video from January 2018 on the Instagram page of Helene Fischer, Thomas Seitel is shown in the background.

Video: What does Thomas Seitel say with his gesture?

Helene Fischer and Thomas Seitel shot on private photo

Update of December 27, 11:53: Common photo's of Helene Fischer and Thomas Seitel were of course already available. After all, he worked as an artist in her shows and the two already had professional contact with each other.

This muscled acrobat is the new friend of Helene Fischer.

© dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd

In the meantime, the very first image of a private couple has appeared. The RTL format "Exclusive" has excavated it. And showed it shortly after the love affair in a TV function that is still available on tvnow.de. Immediately after about 30 seconds the recording can be viewed there. RTL speaks of "blurry (n) photo" s in the plural – it seems to be one or the same, or it has repeatedly been pressed repeatedly within milliseconds.

Video: that's why Thomas Seitel is not seen in the "Helene Fischer Show"

The photo (or photo) is very blurred, but both Helene Fischer and Thomas Seitel are clearly visible. The photo or photos were taken a few days ago at an airport in Finland. Helene Fischer wore a gray sweater. And: she laughs. Incredibly wide. She looks happy. Will there be more photo 's of this kind soon?

Helene Fischer did not show her newcomer during the Christmas show

Update on December 25, 10:25 am: During the & Helene Fischer Show & # 39; on ZDF her new partner Thomas Seitel did not appear, but you could interpret some scenes of the ZDF show rather ambiguously. The program was already recorded in early December. Were these moments about Fischer's hidden love messages to the two men?

Thomas Seitel: earlier interview about Helene Fischer

Update from December 23, 10:48 am: The reports on the separation between Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen as well as their so-called new friend Thomas Seitel also has the Hessian broadcast heard. And rummaged in his TV archive.

Thomas Seitel on "Hello Hesse".

© Screenshot: HR

the HR has found a find: from 30 October is a relaxed conversation by Thomas Seitel in the show "Hello Hesse", the HR is now online. The video is only 66 seconds long, but much of the talk about his work as an artist in the Helene Fischer show leaves a deep impression.

"It's an unbelievable great honor" to keep Helene Fischer in the arms, says Seitel enthusiastically, "and it's a lot of fun, I must honestly say that," he smiles. "In any case" she is an absolute professional, he says after 70 joint shows.

"At a certain point, we as acrobats were tired, she pulled through them every night, because at a certain point you realized how professional she is." The moderator adds jovially: "And she looks good too, can not sweep under the carpet." Thomas Seitel says nothing at all. He just nods with a mischievous look. "That's the way it is, yes," he recalls. His swarming gaze speaks volumes.

Question about Helene Fischer's relationship: "Was Florian Silbereisen ever jealous?"

In retrospect, the scene is a big mystery: Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen had confirmed that the break was back a while. The "Hello Hessen" performance by Thomas Seitel dates from October 30th. Were the two already a couple?

The next question from the moderator seems even more bizarre. "Was Florian Silbereisen, her friend, ever jealous when you both come so close?" What is going on in the head of Thomas Seitel? Anyway, his answer is professional: "No, so of course everything is an employment relationship, what we have there, of course she has to come close to me because she does not want to fall and I do not want her to fall off. we come so close, it was so nice. "

Anyway, the employment relationship got more. And Thomas Seitel not only came to her on stage …

Update of December 22, 14:48: "What almost nobody knows …": There is a new spicy revelation to Thomas Seitel.

Helene Fischer & # 39; s friend as a model for a homomagazine

Update of December 22, 12:25 pm: Two days after the announcement of the separation of Schlager's dream couple Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer, further bizarre details of Helene Fischer's new friend Thomas Seitel are known.

Most fans already know that Helene's news on television has put 82 underpants together. Even more surprising: Thomas Seitel once posed for the homomagazine mate, how image He was shown on the cover and in a 13-page "counting spread" in the magazine, which shows a lot of skin. The video for the revealing shoot is available here:

Opposite "Mate" editor-in-chief Felix Just (31) was delighted with Helene Fischer's new friend: "Thomas was one of the coolest guys we had in front of the camera in recent years, and we introduced him to McFit Models, with whom we have worked together for a long time. "

Video: Not everyone is enthusiastic about Helene's new love

The then Art Director of mate, Marc Majewski (29), completed image: "We wanted to show fashion to a nonchalant man, Thomas was perfect for that!" The magazine has no sexual content. It does not matter whether the person on the cover is gay, straight or bi. For a renewed debate about a possible gay friend, like in Florian Silbereisen, Helene Fischer has to do that with their new ones so no worries.

The Mate Magazine is not exclusively aimed at homosexual readers. The website describes the target group as follows: "The Mate-man is in his early thirties, he lives in an urban environment and usually in a relationship, he likes to invest in luxury products, travel and mobility, he dreams of the Lamborghini and drives on his bike to work. & # 39;

Does Helene Fischer know this video by Thomas Seitel?

Update of 21 December, 10.33 hours: Who is the man who can turn his head so hard on one of the world's most coveted women? What does Thomas Seitel have, what others do not have? These questions are currently being asked by countless fans. Now a video has appeared that shows Seitel 2010 how "Vox.de " reported. During his time as a sports student at the German Sports University Cologne, Seitel worked for two and a half years as a student assistant and several times as a protagonist for the camera. During this time this video was made that Helene Fischer's new regret may have.

In the shot you see the successor of Florian Silbereisen for a tray with fast food, which he gradually introduces until it stops. "I do not like it anymore Chewing is no longer enjoying, not even swallowing, I'm happy that every sip touches the bottom of my stomach," he complains. Here you can see the video.

Helene Fischer & # 39; s new friend Thomas Seitel is all interested – but there is a problem

Update of 20 December, 16.16 hours: It is probably the separation of the year: after Wednesday Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen have announced that they have not been together for a while, is the Internet head. Helene Fischer has also announced that she already has a new friend. Of course, Helene's fans wonder: who is the new man on the part of Helene Fischer?

Their fans, however, have a problem with the research: in various media reports it is speculated that Thomas Seitel, who acts as an air acrobat with Helene, has conquered the heart of the 34-year-old.

So a name is known for fans to search online. However, this can not be found in social networks, he apparently removed his full profile, which was recently online. Even his website is private. Links that led to his previous profiles entered the void. Apparently Thomas Seitel has withdrawn completely, the speculation he has not yet expressed.

Are the hostilities to which the acrobat has been exposed since the divorce known to blame? Among others, under Helene's latest Instagram post are annoying comments such as "Thank you for your new, you had so soon after him" to read.

Is Thomas Seitel Helene Fischer's new friend? Mayor speaks

Update of 20 December 2018, 17.25 hours: The entire Eppertshausen community in Hesse is no longer out of astonishment: because Eppenhausener Thomas Seitel is the new man from Helene Fischer's side. Even mayor Carsten Helfmann has responded op-online.de * in an interview with the most prominent child in the city.

Helfmann can not answer the question that currently interests Germany, namely whether Thomas Seitel is actually the new boyfriend of Helene Fischer. But he would be happy: "If they are together, I would treat it to Thomas, he is a sympathetic club man and a great guy," says Helfmann.

The city leader even knows Thomas Seitel personally. When the grandmother or grandpa of the acrobat celebrates his birthday, the mayor passes by and congratulates him. "Then Thomas comes home from his travels to attend his birthday." Helfmann can only say good things about Thomas Seitel: "He is a real Eppert house and a family man."

Incidentally, the acrobat is not only known in the city since the rumors about the relationship with Helene Fischer, he is even in the Golden Book of the city Eppertshausen: Thomas Seitel was in 2015 with his team Hessian team champion in gymnastics.

Helene Fischer: Curious anecdote about her new friend

Update of December 20, 2018, 14:40: What do we actually know about Helene's suspected new friend Thomas Seitel? According to information from the imageNewspaper, the dancer and former gymnast must be 33 years old and live in Berlin.

What many might not know: he even appears in the Guinness Book! In 2008 he participated in the RTL television program "Guinness World Records" and in a somewhat bizarre way gained a place in the coveted Guinness book. His task: to pull as many trousers as possible over each other. The then 23-year-old man gained 82 points in just five minutes.

Helene Fischer & # 39; s new friend: a successful career in the air

However, Seitel has dedicated his life to gymnastics, his greatest passion since his youth. "I was hyperactive as a child and gymnastics was the only sport that made me tired, and my parents decided that this was the right sport for me," he said in an interview on the ARD show "Hello Crocheting". For ten years now, the acrobat played in the first Bundesliga in Germany and France. Parallel he studied sports science and journalism in Cologne.

Nowadays Seitel mainly works as an aerial and stiletto acrobat and is internationally popular. He has appeared in Dubai, Italy, Spain, Canada, China, the Netherlands and Switzerland. He is part of the 20-strong tour team of Schlager-Queen Helene Fischer. We already know the rest of the story …

Helene Fischer: Is this artist her new friend? Old interview raises questions

News from 20. December 2018, 10.20 am: Nobody expected this message. Schlager-Queen Helene Fischer and TV star Florian Silbereisen officially announced their dissolution on Wednesday. But as if the shock for love is not enough: the singer has also announced that she has a new husband in her life.

According to information from the imageNewspaper, it is said that it is the acrobat, which Helene swirls in her shows at nine meters high through the air. His name should be Thomas Seitel according to media reports.

The new friend of Helene Fischer? That is what Thomas Seitel said earlier

Now an interview with the artist has appeared, which raises questions about his relationship with the singer. On 30 October, Seitel participated in the ARD program "hello hessen", the subject was his collaboration with Helene Fischer. At that time, however, he still spoke about a "purely professional relationship" between him and the 34-year-old singer, such as image reported.

Thomas Seitel and Helene Fischer have toured together for a year. They worked hard together and practiced difficult choreographies. Asked by the moderator of Florian Silbereisen sometimes jealous, Seitel replied with certainty: "No, of course everything is an employment relationship, what we have there and of course she has to come close to me because she does not want her to fall. Neither do I. "But as Helene and Florian explained in their respective posts on Facebook, the divorce should have been a while ago. Was there a spark between the singer and her dancer in October?

Thomas Seitel during the first rehearsal with Helene Fischer: "Was incredibly excited"

In the interview, Seitel also remembers his first rehearsal with Helene: "I remember my first flight as if it were yesterday, I was incredibly excited, and when we were done, she said," Oh, that feels easy and good and somehow so obvious. "

And at one point it became more than just a simple job. The first signs might have been found in the interview in October, because the dancer was already excited about Helene. When asked how it feels to keep the beautiful singer in his arms, he replied: "It's an incredible honor and it's so much fun … If you imagine that: 70 shows are just available, not just to do acrobatics, but also to sing, dance and still spend the evening – she just kept on going through the night, letting you see what a professional she is. "

Thomas Seitel has not yet responded to the current rumors. Instead, both his Instagram account and his website are no longer accessible.

Helene Fischer: Is this artist her new friend? News from 19. December 2018

Munich – This message struck like a bomb: Wednesday evening it was announced that Helene Fischer and her old friend Florian Silbereisen broke up. After ten years of relationship, the most famous couple in the German entertainment industry is no longer together. The 34-year-old hitzanger, who will be on TV on December 25, wrote on Facebook: "How pathetic we are about the fact that we could not realize our lifelong dream together and Florian and I are now separated as a couple, the more beautiful and beautiful with more power we break new ways of this bitter experience as friends! "

Helene Fischer: "There is a new man in my life"

Even more surprising than the divorce of Florian Silbereisen: Helene Fischer has a new friend. In her statement on social networks, the hit queen betrayed: "But yes, there is a new man in my life and I do not want to keep any secrets from it." It is all the more moving to see how big Florian Silbereisen is doing about it,

Moreover, Fischer, Silbereisen, said, "they have been separated for a while, but we have to figure out the situation for once and that takes time, because even if love creeps, you do not just throw a relationship after 10 years."

Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen have split up.

© dpa / Felix Hörhager

Even the 37-year-old Silbereisen confirmed that Helene Fischer has a new partner. "If there are photos from Helene with another man, I just want to make it clear that I have known Thomas for a long time, he is a great guy and I wish them both good luck", wrote the moderator and singer Facebook.

The new friend of Helene Fischer: is the artist Thomas Seitel?

loud image that meant Thomas Seitel. The strap-on and stilt artist from Berlin belongs to the 20-member tour team of Helene Fischer and supports her in her dangerous and spectacular acrobatics. He is the man who holds Helene Fischer firmly in his arms during many shows while he is floating on a steel cable through the air. With self – confidence Seitel explained this in an interview with the Hessian broadcastHe was Helene & # 39; s "Stop and her safety".

The Seitel website was not available late on Wednesday evening.

Video: Thomas Seitel – he should be the new friend of Helene Fischer

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