In the middle of the Hamburger Schanze: bomb found – evacuation begins

Large-scale operation in the middle of the hill: on a construction site on the shoulder blade a plane bomb was found Tuesday morning. Many houses have to be evacuated.

The train traffic is not interrupted

Around the site there are several stops of public transport in Hamburg: the underground stations Sternschanze and Feldstraße and the S-Bahn station Sternschanze. So far, these have apparently not yet been influenced by the operation.

Emergency shelter arranged

As the police announced on Twitter, an emergency shelter was set up in the Struenseestraße school. High-speed trains bring people from the Neuer Pferdemarkt or from Schanzenstraße / Lagerstraße.

Police tweet palrad

On Twitter, the police have now published a map showing the radius of the pal. All buildings are evacuated in the green circle.

Discuss experts

The ammunition service of the fire brigade is on site and discusses the following steps.

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Defuse planned for the evening

Apparently the bomb has not been blasted, but has been made harmless. The experts want to start in the late afternoon or early evening.

Police deploy evacuation radius

The police now occupy a limited area within 150 meters. All houses, shops, offices and restaurants have been evacuated there. The district office is currently clarifying where the victims can be accommodated. How many are still unclear.

In addition, there is a warning area within 300 meters of the site.

Airspace blocked

The airspace above the place is blocked. There is a no-fly zone of 1000 meters.

Bomb in bad condition

As reported by our local reporter, the bomb is reportedly in very poor condition. A spokesman for the fire brigade confirmed, however, that the duds contained about 120 kilos of explosives.

Evacuation measures still open

The police, however, confirmed the bomb attack on Twitter, but has not yet responded to possible upcoming evacuation measures.

Bomb found on G20 terrain

At the place where the bomb was found, until recently was still a residential building. It became notorious at the G20 summit: several rioters had climbed the scaffolding and fixed there and attacked the policemen with Böllern and stones. The police did not go further in the direction of the scapula for fear of even more violent attacks with Molotov cocktails and paving slabs.

The demolition of the house began at the end of August.

Guns discovered in the Alster

Parallel to the bombardment, divers discovered several pistols in the Binnenalster. The eight salvaged weapons came from the Second World War, said a police spokesman. They must be investigated by forensic science. First "" reported about the find.

Experts discuss locally

According to firefighters the bomb has an impact fuse. The fire service's fire service and numerous police services are on site. They discuss how to deal with the find.

Bomb discovered during construction

The 500-pound air bomb was discovered around 9:45 am during construction work on the shoulder blade. The British duds come from the Second World War and now have to be inflated or blown up.

In any case, a large-scale evacuation must take place. Road closures also pose a threat, which should also affect neighboring Stresemannstraße, one of the most important roads in Hamburg.

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