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Is it official here? Denise Kappès & Tim are divorced!

It has been rumored for weeks, but now it seems like a sad certainty: The relationship between Denise Kappès (28) and her partner Tim is over! While the two have always shared their lives with their fans in the social networks, the duo has recently become silent. There was no trace of a few photos and even the joint bill of the two was put on ice. Now the daughter of a daughter took the word "divorce" for the first time!

After the former The Bachelor Candidate in the RTLInterviewed in public from a "relationship crisis" and arguing about the everyday life of the described patchwork family, Tim finally came in contact with his followers to speak. "I am miserable because everything is done on the back of a three-year-old," he rebelled Instagram-Story. "What the hell does my daughter have to do with the divorce from Denise and me? I just fell from the clouds when I saw that"He continued to express his anger.

"Now I have to collect a little and I have to arrange things first, which is so common in the last few days," Tim continues. The 28-year-old did not report to the alleged love affair. "You don't give up that fast, you fight"she recently gave herself a fighting spirit.

Denise Kappès, TV starInstagram / denise_temlitz_officialButton Image Gallery
Denise Kappès, TV star
Denise Kappès with TimInstagram / timdenise.twoofakind

Denise Kappès with Tim
Denise Kappès in May 2019 in BerlinInstagram / denise_temlitz_official

Denise Kappès in May 2019 in Berlin

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