Is your region a super hotspot?

December 1, 2020 – 3:59 PM

Seven days of occurrence is the crucial corona benchmark

The guide value for the contamination rate is seven days. Depending on the value in the individual cities and districts, new restrictions must be introduced there. Our interactive map shows you how things are currently doing in your neighborhood.

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What exactly is a seven-day event?

The seven-day incidence is nothing more than the number of new infections reported in the past seven days. Where previously the emphasis was on whether cities or districts have exceeded the incidence of 50, now another incidence value has been added: if the incidence is more than 200 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants, a region is a “super hot spot”. If a circle exceeds this value, stricter measures must be taken within a week. So far they have only been adjusted from a 7 day incidence of 35 and 50, as health authorities reach their limits at an incidence of 50 or more. From a 7-day incidence of 50, a region is also considered a risk area.

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New incidence value shows ‘super hotspots’

After most German regions had almost no new infections in the summer months, the number of infections rose again in the autumn. Many experts suspect that this was originally due to homecoming holidays and local breakouts due to private parties. But how are things right now?

Cities and counties where the number of current cases has fallen close to or to zero green colored.

A extent The staining corresponds to an incidence of less than 25 days of 7 days.

The regions that have seen more than 25 new cases of coronavirus in the last seven days are shown Braun.

They appear in more than 35 new cases Orange.

Circles where the number of current new infections is above the upper limit of 50 are shown in the graph Bright red deposited. Health authorities can ensure that contacts are followed up to an incidence of 50. From an incidence of 50, a region is considered a coronary risk area.

Rot are the circles when the incidence value is greater than 100.

The incidence limit of 200 has been added. If a circle is higher than this value, it is inside the map Dark red colored.

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Current development of the coronavirus in Germany

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* The interactive map is based on the number of cases published by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) at midnight, including the incidence calculation. The images are updated daily. The starting point for calculating the number of infected persons is the number of infection cases confirmed in the laboratory.

The data reflect the current situation as presented to the German authorities. The actual number of infection cases (ie, detected infections plus the number of unreported cases) will not be recorded until a later date.

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