Joachim Löw (DFB): Mega severance pay for the national coach? Millions of rumors!

Joachim Löw and the DFB: are you splitting up? One thing is clear: firing the national coach can be extremely expensive.

  • A difficult DFB year is coming to an end.
  • After the shyness in Spain, there is national coach Joachim Löw heavily attacked.
  • Now explosive details are seeping through – Low can receive a high severance payment in the event of early dismissal.

Update from November 26, 12:35 PM: What’s the future? Joachim Löw? After the debacle in Spain, the national coach is counted on December 4th state the Crisis stop Bee. There has recently been speculation about this Low offers to resign in advance. Now new numbers are coming to light, which is quite the order of the day in the football business – fans should still be very upset about it.

According to the statue deserved Low including bonuses up to four million euros annually. But what if that DFB the up December 2022 do you want to terminate your dated employment contract before the end – so now?

Than a severance pay due: namely for the salary that Low would have earned until the end of the contract. In the event of an end in December 2020, there would be two annual salaries until December 2022 – that is eight million euros. Theoretically.

Joachim Löw: Millions of severance payments for early termination?

Because much needs to be clarified. Low previously had his contract WM 2018 extensive. This should contain an agreement that says: After EM 2020, both the DFB as well as the national coach make use of a divorce clause. Then no severance payments need to flow. Issue: The “EM 2020” never happened! The euro was pushed back in 2021 due to the corona crisis. What now?

If the EM 2020 clause is seen as the EM 2021 clause from now on, it should DFB Arrange the national coach with about half a year’s salary if he wants to fire him in December 2020. From now until the EM, which ends in July 2021 Low So earn about two million euros, which the association would then have to pay him – if he were fired.

The second variant: the divorce clause for the IN 2020 remains untouched and is said to have died long ago. The theoretical divorce date is clearly stated in the contract, but could not be met due to force majeure. Lawyers should clarify how to handle this clause. But if it is no longer valid and the DFB wanted to split up immediately, it would who owe two annual salaries totaling eight million euros.

Because of the Corona-Krise and other similar locations Tax investigations state the DFB already under financial pressure. Eight million euros in severance pay for Low would rip another big hole in the till. So you certainly think carefully about such a decision.

Joachim Löw: Goodbye to the DFB in a flash Controversial speculation in the run-up to the crisis summit

First report of November 24, 10:46 am: Frankfurt – That much is clear: the turbulent DFB days after this Debacle in Spain are far from over. How are national coaches? Joachim Löw continue? An emergency meeting is scheduled for December 4. DFB manager Oliver Bierhoff submits an analysis to a committee.

But this begs a question that every football fan is currently in Germany represents: why does Joachim Löw not that itself? Apparently, the 2014 World Champion explains himself very well – but before that crisis meeting and on a smaller scale. Noisy statue become president among others Fritz Keller and vice Peter Peters be part of this round.

DFB: Joachim Low is about to resign? Communication raises questions

The whole scenario is of course open to speculation. And here too, the message of the DFB plays a major role. As in the president’s first statement Keller (right after the debacle) the name “Low“Complete.

Instead, it says so National coach “The temporal and emotional distance” must be given to “the current situation National team work up fundamentally. Athletic, to analyze the causes of the clear defeat of Seville. And personally, for yourself big disappointment. That’s the way it should be ”.

Do you usually not read such sentences in dismissal statements? If you prepare DFB about that to suggest Low in this temporary and emotional distance, does the decision to leave his office come?

Joachim Löw: Confusion about national coach – wording allows speculation

The DFB announcement also states: “In the DFB presidency meeting on December 4 Oliver Bierhoff, Director of National Teams and Academy, to present and assess the current situation of the national team. This includes the experiences of the defeat against Spain, as well as the overall development of the team in the past two years. The DFB will provide information in due time on the results of the consultation and the next steps. ”

Also in this passage there are references to one Low goodbye. There is talk of “the past two years” – that is, the exact period in which the National team Relegated to soccer mediocrity. “Results of the deliberations and Next steps“Also encourage speculation about a new national coach.

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