Joachim Löw: Lahm is out! DFB crisis? “I already said in 2018 that …”

Philipp Lahm and Joachim Löw became world champions together in 2014. Now the then captain makes it clear that something must change at the DFB.

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Frankfurt – it still hurts. The 0: 6 clapping left many wounds that do not heal very quickly. The crisis summit on December 4, when Oliver Bierhoff has to declare the historic DFB bankrupt, ensures that. And of course the debacle has also fueled discussions about national coach Joachim Löw *.

What’s next for the 2014 World Champion *? Someone who knows him well is now unpacking: Philipp Lahm. The captain of the Rio heroes * himself knows bitter defeats best. Among other things also against Spain in the 2008 European Championship final or the 2010 World Cup semi-finals. The two 0-1 bankruptcies were far from 0: 6 – but the frame was much bigger than that Nations League.

Joachim Löw: national coach for DFB-Aus? Philipp Lahm intervenes

Weak gave his opinion on the current situation in a guest post from SportBild. He is sure: The National coach is right when he bets on fresh blood. “Jogi Löw has decided to trust this new generation of players. Not only do I think that’s right, there is no alternative, ”he says Weak Transparent.

But then he has an undeniable question from him Trainer: “Now he has to make sure that the spark finally turns to the players he trusts.” Lame said that “Jogi Löw must adapt his approach to this generation ”.

Philipp Lahm makes an announcement to Joachim Löw: DFB hero becomes clear

Lame, not for nothing Honorary Captain of the DFB, has another fiery appeal in store: “It’s not just any football game when you play for Germany runs upstairs. The German national team is the country’s main team. She represents Germany. The people in this country – and not just the football fans – feel represented by this team. You want to recognize yourself in this team. They want to see this team play and fight, and ideally win. “When it comes to 6-0, the frustration is of course great – across the country.

The ongoing discussions about the future of Low have Weak notice. The Bayern legend does not take a direct position on this, but makes it clear: The National coach must keep in mind “what responsibility he himself bears. The German national team must be reinvented ”. And further: “The reinvention must now begin. And it has to become visible very quickly. The spark must jump! Clear words that can even serve as a clue to the DFB let it be interpreted? A “reinvention” can always be interpreted as a change of coach.

DFB: Jürgen Klopp as the successor to Joachim Löw? Philipp Lahm with hidden messages

Brings indirectly Lame We were even talking about a Löw successor * that many fans from Germany would like to see: Jürgen Klopp. The DFB-Elf was “made for a full throttle like that of for example Liverpool FC plays “, writes Weak. The fact that the Reds are now so successful shouldn’t be down to the player’s material alone. Klopp’s motivational skills in the locker room and on the field also play a role, of course, not to mention tactics.

The former world-class player would also like such a mindset in the DFB: It takes unconditional enthusiasm and passion – and it should National coach convey to his players ”. Lahm’s demands make it clear: he wants more fire. Whether it is the core competence of Joachim Löw is to convey this fire? That would be more likely Klopp known. (akl), is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

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