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The resolution to lose a few pounds is easy to make. But this is often difficult in everyday life. No wonder: counting calories, constant abstinence, and hunger pangs are real motivation killers. We tell you how to do it Besides, save more than 500 kilocalories every day.

A glass of water shows: is it hungry or thirsty?

Hunger and lack of water are often confused because the body sends out similar signals. If this happens too often, unnecessary calories will build up. A snack between meals can quickly add up to 200 kilocalories and more, depending on the snack.

Our tip: Drink a glass of water before every meal. This fills the stomach and you eat less because you feel full sooner.

Coffee without sugar is worth it

Kilocalories can also be saved with coffee. A large mug has about five calories, but milk and sugar quickly make it powerful. Latte macchiato with syrup, for example, has an extra 200 to 300 calories. If you grab a cup of coffee with a splash of milk and a cube of sugar, you only consume about 50 calories. If you do without the sugar cubes, you save another 15 kilocalories.

Mustard instead of butter saves more than 50 kilocalories

Switching from butter to mustard as a topping on bread is also effective. This not only gives the sandwiches a delicious taste, but also saves a lot of calories. While ten grams of butter has nearly 75 calories, medium mustard has about twelve. This way you will happily save more than 50 calories.

15 minutes of climbing stairs stimulates the metabolism

Those who use the stairs instead of the lift consume considerably more calories in daily life. When walking upstairs, the body burns an average of 18 kilocalories per minute, explains the German University for Prevention and Health Management (DHfPG). This means that the energy consumption when climbing stairs is relatively considerably higher than with an easy run.

In other words: you burn five kilocalories per 20 steps. That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s true. Anyone who climbs the stairs for 15 minutes in the course of a day has worked on 120 kilocalories. That corresponds to eight sugar cubes.

“The body consumes a lot of calories when it uses large muscle groups,” explains Aline Emanuel of DHfPG. These are, for example, the leg, back and buttocks muscles.

Bicycle instead of car

In short, you should use every opportunity in everyday life to exercise. This also applies to the way of working. Anyone who cycles comfortably at 15 km / h consumes six calories per minute. For pedestrians, it is about three calories.

Lose weight while cooking

Even in the household, the body burns a few calories: about four per minute for cleaning and about three for cooking and ironing. On the other hand, lying on the couch will only burn about one calorie in the same time.

Chewing gum is the ideal companion for stress relief

Sugar-free gum can also help. Ideal when stress stimulates the appetite. Rather than snacking on half a bag of gummy bears with nearly 200 calories on the computer, fruit-flavored gum is usually just as happy. Often it is only about chewing and not about stuffing the stomach. Because chewing relieves stress. An apple is also a good alternative. Plus, thanks to the fiber it contains, it will fill you up.

Eat full, the right way

So that Lose weight If it works in the long term and the yo-yo effect does not occur, it is important to eat regularly and nutritiously. Starving is taboo. Nutritionists recommend reducing your daily energy intake by up to 500 calories during the weight loss phase.

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