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Left: Wagenknecht withdraws sick and causes earthquakes in Linkspartei

The right-wing leader from the left, Sahra Wagenknecht, had just announced her withdrawal from rising. Now there is a renunciation.

Wagenknecht (left) withdraws sick: Insider reports mud slaughter at Linkspartei

Update from March 13: The left-wing MP Thomas Lutze has accused party leadership, faction leader Sahra Wagenknecht has treated unworthily. "For a left-wing party, dealing with Sahra Wagenknecht was an unworthy spectacle," Lutze told the German news agency. The party leaders have not taken their responsibility. Wagenknecht had announced that he would no longer stand for presidency in the fall. The 49-year-old gave her health reasons, stress, and excessive demands.

A mud fight within the left is imminent. An insider told the newspaper Bild: "The mood in the group is unbearable. The bullying terror against Wagenknecht and Dagdeel goes without cowhide. In the faction Bernd Riexinger, Katja Kipping, Caren Lay, Anke Domscheit-Berg, Sabine Leidig, Cornelia Mohring and Martina Renner constantly over her. "

The group around Wagenknecht and Dagdelen now wants to fight back and demands the resignation of party leaders Katja Kipping and Bernd Riexinger, the paper reports.

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Video: Sahra Wagenknecht remains loyal to the policy despite his resignation

Poor speculation for retreat Wagenknecht – Even possible successor beckons

The news of March 12, 16:02: After the withdrawal of the left-wing party leader Sahra Wagenknecht, her deputy Sevim Dagdelen no longer wants to visit the head of the parliamentary group. The German press agency learned Tuesday from faction circles, had previously reported the "Bild" newspaper about it. Just like Wagenknecht, part of the day belongs to the left wing of the party and is one of the spokespersons there. She was also exchanged as a possible successor to Wagenknecht.

According to information from the "image", the reason for their withdrawal is probably a hostile climate in the faction, especially from the environment of party leaders Bernd Riexinger and Katja Kipping. Although Wagenknecht did not want to talk directly about bullying on Tuesday, he does not reject this interpretation.

Sevim Dayparts

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AfD head Gauland retreat to Wagenknecht: "The left will feel a loss"

15:29: The AfD has acknowledged the announced withdrawal of left-wing leader Sahra Wagenknecht with a certain regret. Wagenknecht was "one of the most stunning figures in the German Bundestag," said the AfD parliamentary director, Bernd Baumann, on Tuesday in Berlin. Group leader Alexander Gauland said: "The left will feel the loss of Sahra Wagenknecht – at the latest at the polls." Wagenknecht was "one of the few in their party who has not yet completely lost control of the concerns of citizens".

Was Wagenknecht bullied? Left leader does not deny

2.01 pm: Asked by a journalist like Sahra Wagenknecht was slapped during the party, the politician says during the press conference that everything that happened is public and known. And: "Whatever term one finds for this, everyone can decide for themselves."

Sahra Wagenknecht, leader of the parliamentary group The Left in the Bundestag, is at the start of the group meeting during a press conference on a lectern

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13:57: Sahra Wagenknecht reacts in a press conference to her announced withdrawal. As already known, she mentions health reasons for a "certain degree of chronic stress", they could not continue. She would "naturally remain involved" and not renounce her mandate. The politician has been very positive about the past three years and calls time an enrichment. In the almost two months that she was sick and did not have to go from one appointment to another, she realized she couldn't go on like this: the cause of her illness was & # 39; stress and overtime & # 39 ;. That is why she made that decision in the interest of everyone. She was extremely relieved by the sympathetic and solidary responses of her party. It is also important to her: "I will not become an apolitical person." There will be no reorientation of the group, says Bartsch.

13:15: Katja Kipping (left) is annoyed by Stegner's remark: "Mensch @ Ralf_Stegner, there are proverbs that you should just leave, like yours in the decision of Sahra #Wagenknecht. There are times when it is just about #Respekt for a certainly not easy decision. "

13:11: Ralf Stegner (SPD) also commented on the decision of Sahra Wagenknecht: "Yesterday, Sahra Wagenknecht saw the withdrawal. In addition to the best wishes for restoration, a change in the leadership of the Left Party can offer better prospects for a progressive government alliance on this side of the Union. "

00:18: Many politicians express their regrets about the withdrawal of Sahra Wagenknecht. FDP leader Christian Lindner writes on Twitter: "I barely share an opinion with @SWagenknecht, but a well-educated and obstinate politician is Frau #Wagenknecht. That keeps democracy alive. So I wish you all the best for your decision and for your health CL "

Sahra Wagenknecht gives up – "behind the scenes", according to ZDF, a rumor spread

9.40 a.m. Sahra Wagenknecht & # 39; s announced retreat on Monday from the top left group continues to fuel speculation and rumors. The politician had indeed referred to health reasons. Nevertheless, other, sometimes explosive, theses are also circulating.

"Behind the scenes, even their supporters of massive mobbing against Wagenknecht," said the head of the ZDF capital studio, Theo Koll, on Monday evening presenter Marietta Slomka in today diary the sender. Above all, the double role of Wagenknecht as leader of the left party and leader of the extra-parliamentary movement rise "has led to a significant internal party and therefore human stress," he said. A fierce battle was going on, the Wagenknecht now abandoned or even lost.

However, looking at the future of the left without his previous flagship in the front line, Koll also pointed out opportunities for the party. Until now, Wagenknecht had worked rather against a possible government participation of the party. Their departure would now make a conceivable red-red-green alliance possible – and thus open a new power option.

Wagon servant retreat: Greens hope for a clearer position with regard to alliances

7.29 clock: The Greens see the announced retreat of Sahra Wagenknecht from left-wing leaders as an opportunity for movement in the debate on alliances. "Get well soon at Sahra Wagenknecht," said the political leader of the Greens, Michael Kellner, the German news agency. Their withdrawal shows once again how high the workload is in politics. "The Left Party may now have a chance to clarify its split Alliance issues."

Wagenknecht retires for health reasons – she wrote her colleague & # 39; s

Update March 12, 6:45 PM: "I will remain a political person and commit myself to my beliefs. But if you feel that you can no longer sustain a certain amount of stress, then you have to accept that," Wagenknecht now said their withdrawal in the photo.

In an e-mail to their group colleague Wagenknecht wrote: "As you know, I had to let my political work rest for almost two months due to illness. Many of you have sent me recovery wishes in the time I am very happy with I am fine, but the long illness, which was mainly caused by stress and overtime, showed me boundaries that I would not want to go beyond in the future, so today I informed the Group Bureau that I will not be this year I am once again involved in the new election of the top party, and in order to ensure a smooth transition, I will continue to carry out my duties as a group leader, after which I will of course remain politically active and committed to my beliefs and social goals. "

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Sahra Wagenknecht leaves group leader from the left – and gives health reasons

16:10: Deputy SPD Chairman Ralf Stegner sees possible withdrawal of Sahra Wagenknecht potential for new alliances of his party. "A refocusing of the staff at the head of the parliamentary group of left-wing parties can make it easier in the future to realize the potential for a progressive coalition government on this side of the Union," said Stegner on Monday at the German news agency in Berlin. "This option was always theoretical with Sahra Wagenknecht at the top."

15:50: After four years as head of the left group, Sahra Wagenknecht will not stand up for his position in the fall. It learned the German press agency from faction circles on Monday. As the editorial network Germany (RND) reported, the 49-year-old gave in the executive committee of the group health reasons for her step. Wagenknecht has led the group since October 2015. At the end of last year she was also heavily criticized in her own group for her dedication to the gathering movement "to get up".

Sahra Wagenknecht: two months break due to illness

Last Wagenknecht had been in prison for two months because of an undefined illness and therefore also went missing at the Left Congress in Bonn. In the meantime, she's good again, she told the group on Monday. The long illness, however, has shown its limits that it does not want to go beyond in the future. The trigger was stress and overload.

By the fall, when the new election of the Group Executive Committee is scheduled, the 49-year-old still wants to continue her duties. After that she will remain politically active by nature and will continue to work for her beliefs and social goals.

Wagenknecht had only communicated during the weekend to withdraw from the leadership of her co-founded left collection movement to "stand up". This commitment had caused many controversies in the faction and also intensified the dispute between Wagenknecht and party leader Katja Kipping.

Sahra Wagenknecht: dissatisfaction with many leftists because of their solo efforts

Many leftists were also dissatisfied with the solo efforts of Wagenknecht in refugee politics. The faction even thought loudly of a coup d'etat – until they forced themselves to a truce in January because of the upcoming state elections.

Although Wagenknecht has recently thrown away much of his emotion from earlier years, it is still in favor of overcoming capitalism in Germany. It attracts the attention of a mass audience – there is a lot of demand for it in talk shows. In the Bundestag she regularly evokes irritated reactions from the other parties.

First notification from 11 March at 3:24 pm: Left-wing leader Sahra Wagenknecht no longer wants to stand in front of this office. A corresponding report from the newspapers of the editorial network Germany (RND – Tuesday costs) was confirmed Monday in party circles. The reason given by Wagenknecht was health problems. More about this soon.

Carriage servant leaves "get up" – and reaps hatred

Update from March 10: The announcement by left-wing leader Sahra Wagenknecht to withdraw from the top of the "Getting Up" rally movement has caused maliciousness by political opponents. "Wagon servant lays down. Won't get up. The work should now be done by others. Shameful," tweeted the SPD politician Johannes Kahrs.

His party colleague Simon Vaut, SPD-European candidate from Brandenburg, spoke of "good news". The Wagenknecht movement was too optimistic and unsuccessful: "Their national socialism is harmful." Red-red-green "now started to have a bit more chance". The CDU member of the Bundestag Sebastian Steineke wrote on Twitter: "Stopping is already over, the left dream remains, as expected, just a utopia."

But even in his own ranks Wagenknecht was attacked. Anke Domscheit-Berg, who is on the left in the Bundestag but is not a member of the party, wrote that the movement would fail. "You cannot order movements from above and you cannot lead undemocratically."

It was very stressful to party and faction, as Wagenknecht had represented by the "long rise" of other priorities, "and represented substantial contradictions with faction and party positions," criticized Domscheit-Berg. "Whether her dismissal changes will change."

Wagenknecht itself assured itself on its Facebook page on Sunday: "Of course I will continue to make every effort to record and support the movement with all my might." It was a great project that was needed. "For that, however, we need precisely functional structures, in the countries, but above all at the top. And in my opinion, the time has come to reject professional politicians and transfer more responsibility to those who carry the grassroots movement. & # 39;

Leader of the left-wing Sahara Wagenknecht withdraws from her "get up" movement.

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Sahra Wagenknecht announces withdrawal from the "rise" protest movement

Berlin – Left-wing leader Sahra Wagenknecht wants to withdraw according to a media report from the top of her initiate left-wing collection movement "stand up". "We need a rearrangement to get up," said Wagenknecht from the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung" ("FAS"). "The party politicians should take back, this also has consequences for me, they were initially necessary with their experience. But now it is good to give up the responsibility." Wagenknecht had founded the movement together with her husband Oskar Lafontaine for left-wing voters to reach who have turned away from the classical festivals.

"Get up" started in early September and today has around 170,000 supporters. Four weeks after its establishment, the movement had already reported about 100,000 supporters. Unlike political parties, you do not have to pay a contribution and you can easily log on to the internet.

Sahra Wagenknecht remained sick for two months

Wagenknecht told the FAS that the movement "could live better if given to those who still wear it on the base". Former left-wing party leader Lafontaine had emphasized in the establishment of "rising" that they were surprised by the strong influx. In their own party, however, the two encountered a lot of rejection. The leaders of the SPD and the Greens also reacted skeptically.

Wagenknecht now told the newspaper that it would continue to support the movement, for example through public appearances. "But I also have to see what workload I can do. The fact that I was absent for two months due to illness also had to do with the extreme stress of recent years. That's where I have to find a new balance."

Wagon servant admits misunderstanding in "getting up"

The left faction also known misconceptions. "The parties we wanted to address are walled in," she told FAS. For many of her demands, there were no majorities in the Bundestag – she had wanted to come out of this impasse with the collection movement. "But the party leaders of the SPD and the left clearly feel so comfortable in the deadlock that they have rejected the opportunity to" get up "with the great response."

Lafontaine had said in February, almost six months after the official start of "getting up," that he could still "lift his breath." "We started very well. But now we are in trouble with the levels because there are organizational problems." Structures of the movement in the countries, cities and communities could not be built overnight. "It takes time."

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