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Lügde: Hameln district admits errors

After the massive sexual abuse of children at a campsite in Lügde in North Rhine-Westphalia, the neighboring Lower Saxony district of Hamelin-Pyrmont admits errors. "It is wrong to add a note later in the file," said District Tjark Bartels (SPD) in Hameln.

The concerned young employee had been released. After the announcement of allegations of abuse in December, he had the file "want to make more readable" and therefore has reversed his presentation until June 20, 2018. Specifically, it concerned the summary of a contact visit with a new carrier of the family help at the campsite.

Weekly visit from a family support institution

At the end of 2018 the Youth Office Hameln let the main suspect become known as an abuse case at the request of the mother who lived in the Hameln district and who was used as foster father for a little girl. Because there were educational disadvantages, the man was visited weekly by an institution for the well-being of the family, Bartels said.

In the spring of 2018, however, there was an eight-week break due to a change of carrier. "I think we should go along better, but I do not think we have recognized this sexual abuse," Bartels said.

Hints for the police since the year 2016 that the 56-year-old woman has made an exaggerated statement to the girl, according to the district manager, according to the current state of knowledge not forwarded to the Youth Office Hameln.

The girl should have developed well & # 39;

Who was informed at what time, is still the subject of the investigation. It concerns the suspicion of violation of the duty of care and rearing, also against two police officers is determined. You should not have followed the instructions. (Read more about the processes here)

The girl, according to the authority, apparently had developed well in spite of the unfavorable living conditions in Lügde and was registered there.

In addition to the camp residents from Lügde there are two more men for serious sexual abuse of children and the distribution of child pornography in custody. So far, 31 minor victims have been identified. It concerns more than 1000 individual data.

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