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Missing Rebecca (Berlin): Sister reveals research details – "I don't understand!"

Rebecca Reusch from Berlin remains missing. Now Sister Vivien said in an interview. She also talks about her brother-in-law.

  • Since the morning of 18 February 2019, 15-year-old Rebecca Reusch from Berlin has been missing.
  • The police assumes a violation of death. No corpse has been found so far.
  • Most recently, the student spent the night with one of her sisters and her husband in the parental home.
  • On the tenth day after Rebecca's disappearance, she was arrested – her brother-in-law is suspected.
  • The researchers also searched for the ZDF program "Aktenzeichen XY".
  • Florian R. was released for the second time on March 22. The public prosecutor still considers him suspicious.

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Update from April 23, 2019, 10:34 am: Rebecca Reusch has disappeared without a trace for more than two months. In the last few days, the search for the 15-year-old seems to have started again. A witness reported directly to the family, explaining that she had seen the girl in a department store in Krakow. Her sister Vivien now spoke in front of the camera in Sat-1 breakfast television. The debilitating weeks leave a clear mark on the 23-year-old. Even during the interview, tears roll to the young mother. "There is no clear explanation that she was found alive or dead. It's just not there," the Berlin woman reveals with astonishment.

About the investigation by the police, Vivien explains: "Since the fifth day of her disappearance, a corpse or an allegedly deadly offense was spoken directly. Because it was already assumed that she was probably dead. I don't understand. Every time I I can hardly breathe and my heart stops. "In this difficult time, the family itself stops. "We give each other strength. I see my parents every day, we all meet. Also with my big sister and her family. We all belong together," explains Vivien. Asked if she had ever doubted the innocence of her brother-in-law, the 23-year-old says, "No."

The 27-year-old was attracted by the two residences in the JVA Moabit. "It is something with a person. Whether you are stealing or killing someone, there is a difference. Or if you are there for a violation for a child or an adult, they are worlds. That is all I say. "In the interview, Vivien also reports on the exceptional situation of the family, in particular outsiders who still insult the family. Foreigners would even harass the family on the street. "Why? I have done nothing. I am sad and miss my sister. And then there are people who insult you," the young mother says with astonishment. "My biggest wish is that we find Rebecca alive. Dear today, we get Becci back alive," Vivien explains with tears in her eyes.

Missing Rebecca: was she spotted in a department store in Poland?

Update from April 22, 2019:The statements made by the family a few days ago initially raised hope. A man wants to see Rebecca during a visit to Poland. Now Bernd Reusch, father of the missing, explained in the discussion imagethat the police apparently did not want to follow this reference first. According to them, the Pole, who lives in Germany, saw Rebecca on April 4 in Krakow. When he got home, he looked at the photos on the internet and was pretty sure, "the family man explains in the interview.

As the informant further revealed, the girl had worn suspenders and was accompanied by a man in a department store. But she should not be seen that she felt uncomfortable. Because the police apparently did not care enough about it, the witness personally contacted the family of the 15-year-olds.

Update from April 19. 3.30 pm: A little less than two months after Rebecca Reusch from Berlin is missing some trace – it should be the disappearance of the 15-year-old one of the most mysterious cases of recent German criminal history. The schoolgirl's family regularly speaks open in interviews. Bernd and Brigitte Reusch spoke again about finding their daughter.

In an interview with RTL They explained that the family did not want to give up the search for Rebecca, although the researchers & # 39; for the family & # 39; laughed. The parents suspect that their daughter has been abducted. A theory that the family holds: "She has always been very interested in the Kampusch case and said so, I think you should always stay relatively calm and relaxed."

Recently the family got a new clue: a ten-year-old witness wants to see a crying girl in front of Rebecca's school, just on the day of the disappearance. The witness described the girl as tall and beautiful. "She also asked her if she could give her her cell phone because she wanted to call her parents. There were several boys around and the girl insulted her. I think the girl was scared," explains Brigitte Reusch. As the mother continues, the girl then made a clear statement to the family for the boys. "Leave me alone, I'm leaving school anyway," said the blonde girl, the family witness said. Then the girl ran away.

A hint that the family takes very seriously. "It has fallen in between that she still wants to leave school and does not stay there. And that is exactly what we have been discussing for a long time. That she wants to do the Abitur somewhere else", explains Bernd Reusch in front of the camera.

Despite the current extreme situation, Easter celebrations are being celebrated in the family, de Reuschs said. "The family is together, so those who are still with whom we will do something, life goes on," explains the father, and her granddaughter's birthday was also celebrated in the Reusch house. "We are a family and we were celebrating my granddaughter's birthday and everything here is beautiful," says Brigitte Reusch bravely.

Yet the search for her daughter does not go without a trace. For the time being, however, the family wants to give up psychological help. "We don't want to worry yet, we still have hope, we are still looking for it." If there is a bad result at any time, we may need care, "explains Bernd Reusch.

Missing Rebecca: new details about Poland Trail – speculations about girls with braces

Update from April 18:There is new information about the track in Poland: "Someone called and said he saw Rebecca in Poland, in a department store accompanied by a man," said Rebecca & # 39; s parents "Rtl.de", The informant, a man, would have gone home and looked again at the photos of the missing persons and was then certain: it was Rebecca. The man mentioned the brackets. Rebecca even wears braces. Moreover, the girl he saw spoke German. & # 39; The man said you didn't look at her, she felt uncomfortable or similar. & # 39;

Missing Rebecca: a new lane leads to Poland

8.20 pm: As an RTL reporter from the Rebecca family wants to know, the parents of the missing girl always get directions, which they also pursued. So together with the reporter they had already followed a suspicious trail to Rebecca Reusch in Rostock, it said on "rtl.de". There are currently indications of traces that would lead to the Polish city of Krakow, as it was called. The researchers said the evidence said to these traces, "We follow all the evidence."

Update from April 17, 3:33 pm: On Maurerweg in Berlin – Buckow is nothing more, as it once was. The neighbors no longer feel safe since Rebecca & # 39; s disappearance from the white terraced house in which the suspect brother-in-law will now live again. Some still mistrust Florian R., although he has since been released from detention.

In the weeks after the disappearance there was a sensational tourism: "Everyone looks at the house, including me, you can't do anything about it," says a local resident image, She was worried because she also had a daughter the same age as Rebecca & # 39; s sister Vivien (23). "Since then I no longer want my daughter to go alone to the bus stop."

The neighbor feels great compassion for Rebecca & # 39; s parents: "If you don't know what happened, how can you ever relax?" If she thinks the brother-in-law may be involved in the disappearance, she gets scared.

Rebecca Reusch misses: mother is disappointed by the police

Update from April 17, 13:27: Florian R. had returned to the house from which Rebecca Reusch had disappeared without a trace eight weeks ago, neighbors report. Although the brother-in-law is released, he is still considered a suspect. Rebecca & # 39; s mother is furious that the police and the neighborhood seem to treat her son-in-law as a criminal.

"My son-in-law Florian is a wreck after being treated that way. People point their finger at our house. No one talks to us about the police anymore. You should hear how they talk to us!", The mother feels abandoned.

Rebecca Reusch misses: renewed search on Herzberger See

Update from April 16, 2:23 PM: The Berlin police are looking again at Lake Herzberg in Eastern Brandenburg for the missing Rebecca Reusch from Berlin, such as the image reported. Accordingly, 35 police officers and helpers are in use on site. Following dogs and a helicopter support the search, he continues.

The Herzberger See (Oder-Spree district) has been a focus of the police in search of Rebecca for some time. Already in March there was a diver in the lake.

Missing Rebecca Reusch: Kripo "close to the culprit?" – New photos & # 39; s appeared

Update from April 16, 11.13 am: Rebecca Reusch (15) from Berlin has been missing for eight weeks. Her sister Vivien (23) hopes to find Rebecca alive. Vivien has published another moving search on Instagram. With several photos & # 39; s by Rebecca, Vivien reminds us of "her little Becci". She misses her sister very much and hopes that she will finally be found alive.

"Please share !!! For exactly 8 weeks my little sister Rebecca Reusch disappeared without a trace. She has from 17.02. on 18.02. Stayed with our older sister in Old Buckow and didn't arrive at her school in the morning. If someone has seen something of interest, report it to the 3rd Murder or a local police station. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope that our little Becci will finally be found! Alive! God loves you and your families"Vivien writes to her Instagram message and puts a heart as a point.

In her words, Vivien posted seven, previously unknown photos of her sister Rebecca. In this photo & # 39; s Rebecca shines in the camera. The 15-year-old can be seen quite naturally, even without makeup. With these images, Vivien seems to fight against any doubt and uncertainty. Although the police believe that her eight year younger sister Rebecca is no longer alive, she hopes and believes in her return.

Missing Rebecca Reusch: new evidence – police "close to the culprit?"

Update from April 15, 8 pm: Axel Petermann, the most famous profiler in Germany, still sees a chance that Rebecca will be found, as he told the newspaper "Bild". "The perpetrator should definitely not sit in the side seat. We do not know how close the police are to him," Petermann says. "He will probably follow the case closely in the press. The researchers therefore do not have to communicate all references directly to the public. "

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Update from April 15, 6:33 PM: Petra Klein, who represents Rebecca & # 39; s brother-in-law as a lawyer, regards the prosecutor's actions as a clear violation, Tagesspiegel reports. Through the published photos of her client, the man was "branded for his life". She also criticized, it was determined unilaterally, everything had focused on the fact that Rebecca is no longer alive and her brother-in-law the perpetrator. According to the lawyer, there is no trace of the case, but the police are busy looking for a body "that may not even exist".

Update on April 15, 9:31 am: Exactly eight weeks ago, that is, two months ago, the search for 15-year-old Rebecca Reusch began today, but still no trace of the girl is missing. The Berliner has been missing since 18 February. Although the police have since organized regular searches, investigated the clues received by around 30 investigators, and in the meantime arrested the student's brother-in-law, the mystery of Rebecca's disappearance has still not been solved. Although Florian R. is walking around freely again, the cook is still considered very suspicious of the police.

Although the search for Rebecca Reusch has now revealed neither a corpse nor the items published by the researchers, such as a student's bag or bag, new findings seem to have been obtained. Like & # 39; Speak radio & # 39; now, researchers have now collected more evidence. Whether the brother-in-law's proof is that incriminating facts or general evidence of the girl's whereabouts is not clear. It is also unclear whether the search for Rebecca will continue this week.

Rebecca Reusch: Is her body at the bottom of a lake?

April 14 update: 9:26 AM: Rebecca's disappearance is still a mystery. For nearly two months, the police are looking for the missing 15-year-old from Berlin. Last week, the police and the Technical Assistance Organization searched the area of ​​a small lake in East Brandenburg. But without success.

The police still assume, such as the news agency dpa reported that Rebecca had not left the house of her sister and her brother-in-law in Berlin-Britz (Berlin Neukölln). Without a corpse, an indictment against the currently suspected brother-in-law in court, but difficult.

Will the Rebecca case become a cold one?

After a while, the chance of finding traces and clues disappears. A breakthrough in Rebecca's missing case is missing. When the case of missing Rebecca, so to a so-called cold case, still seems to be open. The murder commission in Berlin is still busy searching – but how long?

In Rebecca's case, the police are investigating a murder case – and murder is never blocked. This means that the perpetrator must be persecuted all his life.

Rebecca: Is her body at the bottom of a lake?

Update from April 12, 6:14 pm: As reported by rbb24, the search for Rebecca, who has now been missing for almost two months, also failed on Thursday. That was announced Thursday evening by a spokesperson. The mission had again focused on the area around Lake Herzberg, as it was the day before. Specialists from the technical assistance organization were involved in the search. Was a forest combed.

Rebecca Reusch is missing: the police have been looking intensively into this forest since Tuesday

Update from April 11 at 3:10 PM: The police have received around 2,300 clues so far, but the researchers currently seem to be primarily interested in a number. It leads to a forest on Herzberger See. Police officers are working there for the second day in a row. As reported by rtl.de, a group of hundreds searches through a closed area between Diensdorf-Radlow and Glienicke (Oder-Spree district). At the end of March, researchers were already on the road with dogs and divers.

At the request of RTL, a police spokesperson spoke: "The searches depend on the results of investigations and instructions."

Police dogs in service looking for Rebecca – sister poster on Instagram

16:29: The police have been looking for 15-year-old Rebecca for a few hours now. Researchers are searching for a forest area on Herzberger See with police dogs. Parallel to the newly launched search campaign, Vivien, the 23-year-old sister of the missing, published a brief statement about her private Instagram account.

"Never underestimate a strong woman. Don't underestimate anyone," is to read there in English. What exactly the message should mean, unclear. It is also unclear whether the search teams were able to find a trail on Wednesday after 15-year-old Rebecca.

Vivien Reusch published this message on her private Instagram account.

© Instagram

Update from April 10 at 11.34 am: Is there a hot track? After a break of a few days, the Berlin police are again looking for dogs with the missing student Rebecca. Investigators were in action again on Lake Herzberg in Brandenburg on Wednesday morning, as a police spokeswoman said. Diving operations are not yet planned.

Rebecca Reusch from Berlin remains missing: what are the police doing now to find them?

16:21: Seven weeks missing by Rebecca Reusch from Berlin every track. Although the police only announced last week that they would like to continue the search for the girl soon, there seems to be no active search for the 15-year-olds so far. In conversation with T-Online a police spokeswoman explains: "The state of affairs is unchanged. There is nothing new in the case. The researchers are evaluating all possible traces and hints. Searches can change at any time when researchers have news again."

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Whether the researchers are currently following a hot track, the spokeswoman cannot say.

Video: Search for Rebecca in this lake

Update from April 9: Continue to work on the Rebecca case under high pressure. Like that Berlin morning station In the meantime, two murder committees work together. Thomas Scherhant, head of the cold affairs department at Berlin's LKA, describes the work as "collecting spider web-like facts".

Search for missing person: police officer shocks with a statement on TV

20:53: There are shocking statements that a police spokesperson is talking to n TV now expressed. Although the Berlin researchers want to continue the search for 15-year-olds in the coming days, the outcome of the study seems uncertain. The speaker even admits in the interview: "It is not clear whether we will find her."

20:17: In Rebecca's case, there is apparently another explanation. Such as Martin Steltner, spokesperson for the Berlin public prosecutor across the street image reported, a reversal could still take place. "We are convinced that we will soon find a new and important clue that could lead us to Rebecca," says Steltner.

12:45 update: Moreover, every trace of 15-year-old Rebecca is missing. There is no evidence that the missing student has been alive for eight weeks, as the prosecutor in Berlin is now facingn TV explained. But the murder investigators would search until they found Rebecca, a police spokesperson said. "It is not clear if and when we will find them," he told the broadcaster and confirmed that Monday today will not be looking for the 15-year-old. Where the researchers will subsequently search depends on the research approaches.

Meanwhile, in Bavaria, a mysterious missing case is reopened after 42 years: at that time, 12-year-old Monika Frischholz (Merkur.de* reported). Since Monday the police are looking at a forest edge for their bodies.

Rebecca Reusch goes missing for weeks: Kripo has a small town in Brandenburg in sight

Update from April 8, 2019, 11:40 AM: Rebecca Reusch from Berlin has been missing for eight weeks and is still missing a trace of the 15-year-olds. Meanwhile, her sister Vivien supports numerous searches and draws attention to social media with the hashtag "findbecci" on the case.

She now places a thoughtful post in her Instagram story. He apparently shows a photograph of a work of art that was photographed in three different perspectives. "What is truth", headlines Vivien. Whether she alludes to the missing person Rebecca? Users of the platform certainly support them and comment on the different contributions: "You are so incredibly strong, I admire you every day", "I think of you" or "Hope is stronger than fear. Don't give up."

A thoughtful post from the sister of the missing Rebecca Reusch (15).

© Screenshot Instagram (Vivien Reusch)

19:14: Like that B.Z. reported, the researchers are looking for new evidence that Florian R. left the A2 in Beeskow, a small town in Brandenburg. A detective said that "B.Z.": "The suspect knows the area well, knows where there are hiding places that are difficult to reach," said a detective. Several beaten dogs had beaten in the area. The search should continue there in the next few days.

Update from April 7, 2019, 3:00 pm: Vivien Reusch, the sister of the missing Rebecca Reusch, has spoken an emotional post on Instagram. There she publishes a photo taken eleven months ago by none other than her missing sister and shows Vivien posing in a garden.

"About 11 months ago, my favorite photographer Becci took this photo of me. Today I wore exactly this Sunday service clothing," writes Rebecca & # 39; s sister of the snapshot on Instagram. In the church, the church would light candles every Sunday for Rebecca, Vivien continues. And she didn't lose faith when she saw her sister one day. "I hope you'll be back soon. Every day my mantra is: Becci is back tomorrow, tomorrow will be fine again. Hopefully tomorrow. At best today"

Under the hashtag "findbecci", Vivien Reusch continues to post photos and stories in which she asks for help in searching for her sister.

Rebecca Reusch is missing: the news of 6 April 2019

Update 2.10 pm: As previously reported, Rebecca's brother-in-law was recently released. Moreover, the hair in his trunk was apparently not that of the 15-year-olds. In her Instagram story, Sister Vivien clearly articulates the innocence of her brother-in-law, citing Merkur.de from the digital editorial network Ippen.

Our editors said in the previous announcement that Vivien welcomed the release of her brother-in-law, because in the past the family always supported the brother-in-law (see below). She is "still behind", she emphasizes in an Instagram story. "I just don't quite understand why it was assumed from the start that Rebecca was dead and that my brother-in-law was allowed to default," Vivien continues. She is probably referring to the Berlin police, who until now have been suspected of Rebecca & # 39; s brother-in-law and continues to derive from a murderous offense.

Rebecca & # 39; s sister Vivien finds clear words: she is still behind her brother-in-law.

© Screenshot Instagram (Vivien Reusch)

Update from 06. April 2019, 09.06 am: Recently Rebecca & # 39; s brother-in-law was released from pre-trial detention for lack of evidence against him. In addition, the reported imagethat the hair of the brother-in-law's suitcase is not the 15-year-old's. This reversal in Rebecca's case is probably now also affecting her sister Vivien.

In her Instagram story, she has shared a photo of a site that extensively addresses the missing Rebecca. This is a newspaper clipping that lists the hair in the trunk. Vivien adds three thoughtful, almost emotionless smileys to her story. The resignation of her brother-in-law should be her, but actually it was true that in the past the family was always behind the man.

Also Rebecca & # 39; s sister Vivien is apparently busy that the hair of the tribe does not come from the 15-year-olds.

© Screenshot Instagram (Vivien Reusch)

Rebecca continues to miss: have researchers made serious mistakes?

Update from April 5, 2019: It would be an incredible change in the case of Rebecca. Like that image The hair in the trunk of the brother-in-law is clearly not the 15-year-old. This breaks an important indicator for the researchers in the chain of evidence, but Florian R. was also arrested twice for this fact. Have the researchers made a serious mistake in taking evidence? But now they seem to be pursuing a new trail. According to this, another search for the girl near the town of Beeskow in Brandenburg would follow shortly.

As the newspaper claims, the suspect's grandparents, who are still urgently needed by the police, live in this place. So there may be hiding places that only Florian R. could know because of his local knowledge. The public prosecutor wanted on Friday morning at the request of Berliner Zeitung do not respond to the evidence. However, according to the report, a search for the missing Rebecca should certainly not continue on Friday and at the weekend.

Mystery about the dead body in the Saxon forest: The dead boy now has a face – but remains unknown

10:15 am: It has become known as a new clue – and it hardens the suspicion against the brother-in-law of the missing Rebecca. It was already known that his Twingo was registered by a registration system on the A12. That was on the day of adolescence disappearing and a day later. So far he has not been able to give the police credible explanations for these journeys – or they want to. Now bild.de writes that the police assume that he has left the A2 in Beeskow, a small town in Brandenburg. The suspect knows his way around this area because his grandparents live there. A detective said that imagethat Florian R. could know "where hidden hiding places are".

And just at Beeskow, police search dogs had beaten several times! The police therefore want to continue the search around Beeskow.

However, the brother-in-law is relieved by another research result. As an indication, a hair was found in the trunk of his car. Unlike the first estimate, the hair is clearly not from Rebecca. The police believe that it is possible for their bodies to be carried in the suitcase – so her played an important role in the evidence chain.

Rebecca Reusch misses: doubts about the brother-in-law? Mother denies the father's statement

11:31: After talking to Rebecca & # 39; s father on Wednesday image Rebecca & # 39; s mother, Brigitte, said that in a short moment she had doubted the innocence of his son-in-law. "The relationship with our son-in-law is still not covered, and there have never been reasonable doubts about his innocence, and my husband has never expressed such doubts to the press," notes the mother of three children. According to this Florian R. has been in the "domestic family" since his release. He apparently tries to incorporate experiences, arrests and detention into the circle of his small family, RTL reports.

Rebecca Reusch misses: after release now also professional consequences for the brother-in-law

8:24 am: The search for the missing Rebecca from Berlin seems more difficult, so far accepted. Still no trace clearly leads to the girl's whereabouts. Even for the family of 15-year-olds, the situation is unbelievably difficult. Not only is her daughter missing, but the girl's brother-in-law has also been thrown out of his normal life. For the police, the 27-year-old is still considered a suspect.

Like that image reported in her Thursday issue, the brother-in-law of the missing person was even on leave from his job as a cook at a hotel on the Kurfürstendamm. Since his release from custody, he has not stayed with his wife Jessica, Rebecca & # 39; s sister and his daughter. Florian R. has since lived with his mother, as the newspaper reports.

Update from 4 April 2019, 6.15 am: Although Rebecca has missed every sign of life for more than six weeks, the police still receive directions from the population. As a police spokesman confirmed on Wednesday, about 2,200 clues for the girl's disappearance have so far been received. The investigation would therefore continue, even if it is not done in public.

Rebecca Reusch misses: Father talks about her brother-in-law and admits doubt

Update from April 3, 2019, 3:06 pm: There is still no sign of life of the missing 15-year-old student Rebecca Reusch from Berlin. Although the girl's brother-in-law is still considered urgent by the police, the evidence of further arrest of the cook is insufficient. Nach einigen Tagen Funkstille äußerte sich nun of the Vater des Mädchens im Gespräch mit der Bild. The Zeitung eroveld Bernd Reusch bei der Arbeit, von dort erklärte there: "Innerhalb of the family with the keiner Zweifel an Florian."

Durch die Arbeit as Fliesenleger relieves himself of the weakened Vater demnach offenbar abzulenken. Bernd Reusch reports about the contact with the person as a member of the Untersuchungshaft entlassenen Florian R .: “We have been talking with Florian seit Freilassung, auch nachgebohrt, was a tag of Rebeccas Verschwinden passiert ist. Aber er darf nichts sagen, seine Anwältin hat in particular. "

Whoever of the Vater in the Gespräch, was trotzdem kurzzeitig Zweifel an der Unschuld seines Schwiegersohns: "That Mordkommission weldte uns da was reason, aber das kicht nicht sein." Zu den Ermittlern hat that family nur spärlichen Contact. „We do not have any cousins ​​and no more cousins. That Mordkommission reports anyway, "says Bernd Reusch. Neuigkeiten über die Ermittlungen erfahre die Familie demnach nur aus den Medien. Das Verhältnis zu seinem Schwiegersohn sei dagegen unverändert.

Rebecca Reusch missing: Polizei in der Zwickmühle – Staatsanwalt plötzlich zuversichtlich

Update 21.05 Uhr: Weiterhin fehlt von Rebecca Reusch from Berlin with Spur. The bislang einzigen Tatverdächtigen, the Schwager of the 15-Jährigen, musste who weigh Polizei for Kurzem mangernew Beweise freilassen. Trotzdem glaube man weiter fest an ein Weiterkommen, erklärte die Staatsanwaltschaft Focus Online, "We are as good as those who want to stay and do something about the unsuspecting Rebecca führen könnte", so Martin Steltner, Sprecher der Generalstaatsanwaltschaft Berlin. Um welche Hinweise es sich dabei handle, can there be ways of laufenden Ermittlungen nicht sagen.

Neither Da Rebeccas Schwager nor ever kein Alibi für die verdigenigen Autofahrten habe, bleibe er weiterhin tatverdächtig. Seine Entlassung gründete laut Steltner nur auf einem Mangel von Beweisen, sodass der Tatverdacht cousin weiter erhärtet became a konnte. "Aber das can be jederzeit ändern, so whoever wichtige neue Hinweise haben. The gilt is a für eine erneute Verhaftung des Verdächtigen “, so of the Sprecher gegenüber Focus Online, Bis dahin sei der Schwager jedoch frei, er könne „auch in die Karibik reisen“, ohne dass die Staatsanwaltschaft dies verhindern könne.

Ein anderer Vermisstenfall jährt sich nun bereits zum 24. Mal. Die damals 19-jährige Sonja Engelbrecht verschwand mitten in München spurlos.

Rebecca vermisst: Kripo steckt in Zwickmühle

Ursprungsartikel vom 02. April 2019: Berlin – Seit über sechs Wochen gilt Rebecca Reusch aus Berlin als vermisst. Von der 15-Jährigen gibt es trotz intensiver Suchmaßnahmen kein Lebenszeichen. Obwohl bislang keine eindeutigen Spuren gefunden wurden, gehen die Ermittler von einem Tötungsdelikt aus. Als dringend tatverdächtig gilt noch immer Rebeccas Schwager. Florian R. wurde bereits zweimal festgenommen und wieder auf freien Fuß gesetzt, eine Tat kann ihm zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt nicht nachgewiesen werden. Lesen Sie hier alle bisherigen Nachrichten über den Vermisstenfall Rebecca Reusch.

Vermisste Rebecca Reusch aus Berlin: Wird der Fall jemals gelöst?

Das Verschwinden der Schülerin bleibt mysteriös. Das letzte Wochenende vor ihrem Verschwinden verbrachte Rebecca im Haus ihrer älteren Schwester Jessica und deren Mann Florian. Am Morgen des 18. Februar verliert sich ihre Spur, Rebecca sollte eigentlich wie geplant die Schule besuchen. Dort kam das Mädchen jedoch nie an. Was an dem Montagmorgen tatsächlich passierte, ist unklar. Während die Polizei von einem Verbrechen innerhalb des Wohnhauses ausgeht, vermutet die Familie der Vermissten, dass Rebecca gegen ihren Willen festgehalten wird.

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Schwager der vermissten Rebecca gilt für die Polizei als Tatverdächtiger

Die bislang gesammelten Beweise reichen für einen erneuten Haftbefehl gegen den Schwager des vermissten Mädchens nicht aus, doch weitere Suchaktionen der Polizei scheinen zunächst nicht geplant zu sein. Trotzdem gilt Florian R. noch immer als tatverdächtig, die Ermittler sind sich offenbar noch immer sicher, dass der Koch die kleine Schwester seiner Frau umgebracht hat. Trotzdem wurden die Fahndungsfotos des 27-Jährigen mittlerweile von der Homepage der Generalstaatsanwaltschaft gelöscht.

Anklage ohne Rebeccas Leiche? Wahrscheinlichkeit eines Freispruchs wäre hoch

Obwohl die Ermittler als Täter offenbar nur den 27-Jährigen in Betracht ziehen, kann Florian R. zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt nicht angeklagt werden. Zu dünn sind die bisher gesammelten Indizien, die für eine Schuld des Mannes sprechen würden. So wurden beispielsweise Haare der 15-Jährigen im Familienauto gefunden, auch Fasern der Decke wurden im Kofferraum des Twingo entdeckt. Eine Autobahnfahrt des Schwagers, am Vormittag des Tages, gibt Rätsel auf. Wieso fuhr der 27-Jährige in Richtung der polnischen Grenze? Wirkliche Indizien, die auf ein Verbrechen schließen lassen, bleiben bislang aus. Trotzdem sind sich die Ermittler sicher, dass Rebecca das Haus nicht lebend verlassen habe.

In dem Haus der Schwester und des Schwagers ergaben sich offenbar keine wichtigen Spuren. Trotzdem sind sich die Ermittler sicher, dass Rebecca das Haus nicht lebend verlassen hat.

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Aufgrund der wenigen Indizien würde der Schwager des Mädchens mit hoher Wahrscheinlichkeit freigesprochen werden. Eine weitere Anklage, wenn beispielsweise eine Leiche gefunden werden würde, wäre damit unwirksam. In Deutschland darf nach einem Freispruch kein Mensch für das gleiche Verbrechen noch einmal angeklagt werden. Doch welche weiteren Möglichkeiten gibt es in diesem mysteriösen Vermisstenfall noch?

Zeugin will Rebecca Reusch aber noch gesehen haben

Zeugin Samantha will Rebecca am Abend ihres Verschwindens noch an einer Bushaltestelle im Berliner Stadtteil Britz gesehen haben, sie soll dabei telefoniert haben. Das Handy des Mädchens wurde jedoch noch am Morgen ausgeschaltet.

Weitere Spur: Die Internetbekanntschaft von Rebecca

Eine weitere Spur hätte die Internetbekanntschaft des Mädchens sein können. Ihre Familie gab bekannt, dass Rebecca kurz vor ihrem Verschwinden von einem Max oder Maximilian bei Instagram angeschrieben worden sei. Nach Angaben ihrer Schwester, soll das Profil des Mannes kurz nach dem Verschwinden gelöscht worden sein. Doch auch hier scheint die Polizei wenig Hoffnung in diese Spur zu setzen. Natürlich könnte Rebecca auch freiwillig von Zuhause weggelaufen sein. Offenbar löschte die 15-Jährige kurz vor ihrem Verschwinden etliche Bilder aus ihren sozialen Profilen. Freunde berichteten gleich zu Beginn von einem seltsamen Verhalten der Schülerin. Doch kann sich ein Mädchen neben der aktuellen Berichterstattung durch die Medien in Deutschland unerkannt aufhalten?

Die Ermittler sind deshalb auf weitere Indizien oder sogar den Aufenthaltsort des Mädchens angewiesen. Nur dann wird das vermutliche Verbrechen an der 15-Jährigen aufgeklärt werden können.

Vermisste Rebecca aus Berlin: Wann wird der Fall zum „Cold Case“?

Ab wann wird der Vermisstenfall Rebecca dann zu den Akten gelegt? Klar ist: rund 2.000 Hinweise gingen bislang ein, die meisten von ihnen nach der Ausstrahlung der ZDF-Sendung „Aktenzeichen XY“. Einen exakten zeitlichen Moment, ab dem der Fall zum „Cold Case“ wird, gibt es nicht. Erst wenn sich absolut keine weiteren Ermittlungserfolge einstellen, könnte der Vermisstenfall Rebecca zu den Akten gelegt werden. Doch auch dann gibt es noch Hoffnung für die Familie der vermissten Rebecca. Im Fall der vermissten Maddie McCann sucht ein 29-köpfiges Team noch immer nach dem Mädchen.

Sollten sich im Laufe der Zeit weitere wichtige Erkenntnisse ergeben, könnte der Fall jederzeit neu aufgerollt werden.

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