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Next Juve deal with purchase obligation: 0-striker Cerri costs Cagliari millions

Quote from KarlVierstein

I only wonder how blind some of the officials of these "small clubs" are, that's not the first time something like that happens. Alberto Cerri, Stefano Sturaro and Andrea Favilli are all prominent events. This system with the loan and the subsequent purchase, which is not even in the approach to the performance of the players that I do not understand until today. Every manager must be aware that you can only lose in such neck-breaking deals.

All these players are not as bad as you think. Certainly, they do not seem to have any quality for an association like Juve, but they simply do not have to.
All three have what it takes to get a permanent place in Genoa or a similar club.

Such deals are very common in Italy and usually the small clubs only do it because they can benefit in a different way.
They usually get young and more or less talented players, very often for not so much money and also secure themselves with an "exaggerated" option to high repurchase – as in this case.
Because, let's face it, Juve will never bring the player back 35 million, especially if he still does not play ^ ^
I also think that certain clubs (and therefore Juve and Genoa) maintain very good and long-term relationships, making it easier to conclude deals, in the sense of a gentleman's agreement.
Since Juve probably also showed interest in Romero (defender, Genoa) and probably wants to spend more than 20 million for this player, it can easily happen that this changes to an even higher and possibly exaggerated & # 39; transfer to Juve.
So even Genoa straightens finances and makes no loss.

Everything is very entangled and sometimes too complicated to represent it for each individual, so that ultimately it is logical.

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