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Rammstein shock! Frontman Till Lindemann pierced by sword

The fans are grateful: Rammstein gave everything for her perhaps biggest YouTube hit "Germany". Until Lindemann is now on Instagram – pierced by swords.

Berlin – Two swords pierce Till Lindemann in the photo he posts on Instagram. The frontman of the band Rammstein kneels on the ground in knight armor – only with difficulty does he seem to still be able to hold onto the spear with which he lets himself rest from the ground. His armor reflects red flames. This image, which Rammstein shows during the video recordings of her new album, has also been provided with the #Germany #Duhastvielgeweint. Another photo of the recordings of her new & # 39; Germany & # 39; video, which Rammstein shared on YouTube at the end of March.

Within a short time the clip was about front man Till Lindemann and Rammstein viral. A week later the video had been viewed 27 million times, now it has been played more than 30 million times. The video & # 39; Germany & # 39; could be her most successful YouTube hit. The accompanying album, the name of which is not yet known, will be released on 17 May.

Rammstein: criticism of the song "Germany"

Rammstein also caused quite a stir with the song. In addition to their knightly appearance, the musicians also present scenes from a concentration camp. Fans do not want to hear about the criticism that the band approves of. The number is misunderstood, it says in the scene.

Single "Germany" by Rammstein

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"Hammer song. Hammer video. But please, why do some people still not get it? The song is not a right-wing radical song, but rather refers to the bad and dark times of Germany," writes a fan.

Rammstein: founded in Berlin, successful worldwide

"A masterpiece! After so many years," another writes. Some fans also thank the band: "This is crazy and fantastic! Thank you Rammstein, for the heart and soul that you have invested in your work."

Rammstein was founded in Berlin in 1994 and is counted musically as the New German Hardship. Until Lindemann is the singer and frontman of the band, Christoph Schneider plays the drums, Richard Kruspe is lead guitarist, Paul Landers plays rhythm guitar, Oliver Riedl bass guitar and Christian Lorenz plays the synthesizer. Initially, Rammstein called her brutal music style "dance metal". After first successes in Germany and Europe, Rammstein received international attention in 1997 as her song "Marry Me" in the soundtrack of David Lynch & # 39; s film "Lost Highway" and "Angel" in the soundtrack of "Mortal Kombat 2 – Annihilation "was used by John R. Leonetti.

Rammstein is internationally known and has fans all over the world to this day. Just like in their & # 39; Germany & # 39; clip, the band repeatedly polarized in lyrics, album titles and videos & # 39; s. That is why it always comes back to small wars with other stars. Abou-Chaker told the rockers the war just a few years ago, but Rapper Capital Bra was badly destroyed by Rammstein.

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