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Referendum "Save the bees": after Zoff – This is the current state

The Volksbegehren will run biodiversity until Wednesday. After the Zoff around the federation, there is a new intermediate state of signatures. The news sticker.

00:44: Give your opinion about the initiative: here you will find the advantages and disadvantages of the referendum between an insect researcher and a district farmer.

February 11, 2019, 11:45 am: The referendum on biodiversity comes close to the target: three days before the end of the registration period this Wednesday, according to the initiators, about 900,000 people participated. "We really have a big tailwind", said the representative of the referendum, Agnes Becker (ÖDP), on Monday in Munich. That leaves just over 50,000 signatures behind. Necessary are the names of ten percent of all voters in Bavaria. But in view of the constant rush in town halls, neither the initiators nor the state government have any doubt that the obstacle will be overcome. This should all result in a referendum.

You can take part in the referendum until Wednesday

Anyone who wants to participate in the referendum can register on signatures in the town halls until Wednesday. "We're fighting until the evening of February 13th," Becker said. Every vote counted, all initiators emphasized, including the nature conservation federation and the national bird protection federation. Because the more people participate, the more you can ultimately achieve.

The referendum aims at various changes in Bavarian nature conservation legislation. Biotopes must be better networked, bank strips must be better protected and organic cultivation can be deliberately extended.

Markus Söder has announced the law for more protection of nature and species

Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) responded to the expected success by announcing a roundtable and a comprehensive law for more protection of nature and species. He wants to submit this, regardless of the outcome of the referendum until the early summer.

In fact, Söder deals with his announcement under pressure. Because if the parliament of the state does not implement the referendum unchanged (which the black-and-orange coalition does not want), it will inevitably lead to a referendum. Then all voting voters can vote on the initiative. But the state's parliament also has the opportunity to present an alternative to the people to vote – this is Söder's plan.

After Zoff to been-Volksbegehren: Early decision probably possible

11 February 2019, 10.08 am: At the weekend many town halls in Bavaria were opened so that citizens could sign the referendum "Biodiversity – Save the bees". According to BR, it can now come to a decision two days before the deadline. The sponsor group will announce an interim result on Monday morning and some observers expect that the required 950,000 signatures have already been collected.

The reason for this statement can be made quite simple: according to BR, 700,000 voters had registered for the referendum by Friday. So it remains exciting.

Farmers debating referenda – Bund Naturschutz blames "false politics"

14:20: Shortly after the peace of the referendum, biodiversity stimulates the emotions – not least among the farmers (see below). The Confederation of Conservation in Bavaria (BN) has now also commented on the debate: there is a link between dying and loss of biodiversity, said BN Country Chief Richard Mergner. "The referendum to save biodiversity wants to stop and reverse these bad trends – bees and farmers can only be saved together," he emphasized.

Criticism, for example from the farmers' association, nature conservation and other supporters of the referendum rejected at a joint press conference. "Even if the ambitious goals of the referendum were reached, at least 70% of agriculture remains conventional," said chairman of the Association of European Professional Beekeepers, Walter Haefeker.

"The referendum is supported by a broad alliance of agriculture, many farmers support the referendum actively, because bee-friendly agriculture allows a way out of the spiral of growth," said BN Commissioner Martin Geilhufe: "If the Farmers & # 39; Union ( BBV) and Minister of State Michaela Kaniber distribute horror scenarios, this only leads to their own failure. "

Together with the state chairman of the association, Richard Mergner, he had previously called on the citizens to support the referendum. As long as "further sprayed and sprayed all the way to the edge of the water," "we will not stop extinction of the species," Mergner warned on Thursday. At the same time, Geilhufe had demanded further measures, such as a reorientation of the EU agricultural policy and a better protection of the country in Bavaria – and thus also a criticism of the farmers' association at the referendum *.

Bioland raises accusations: Bauernverband reacts – and sees "a large majority" of farmers on his side

13:00: On Thursday evening, Bioland had attacked the Bayerische Boerenvereniging (BBV) in the dispute over the biodiversity of the Volksbegehren (11.15 hours) – the BBV reacted on Friday: the Bioland Bayern Council blows a "public controversy" instead. of "the dialogue with the Farmers & # 39; Association and other agricultural organizations", criticized BBV spokesman Markus Peters in a statement Merkur.de *, The farmers association was not yet contacted or informed before the publication of the open letter.

"The initiators and supporters of the referendum have now recognized that the conception of the legislative proposal contains substantive weaknesses and threatens to pose major problems for farmers," Peters emphasized. It would be necessary to point the way to sustainable agriculture in Bavaria – but that would only go "together". The vast majority of farmers and "many organic farmers" supported the attitude of the farmers' association in the debate on the referendum, said the BBV spokesperson.

The BBV rejects the referendum on biodiversity. The desire to hide farmers' commitment to biodiversity, to abandon non-agricultural measures and to "provide only a long list of new regulations for our farmers", said the president of the association, Walter Heidl, recently Munich Mercury *,

Referendum "Save the bees": Bioland attacks Bauernverband

11:15: More than a week before the end of the registration deadline for biodiversity, the organic cropping association Bioland attacked the Bavarian Farmers' Union (BBV) sharply: the Bioland board accuses the BBV of an open letter of & false claims & # 39; in the debate on the referendum. A very explosive process – especially because the Bioland members are farmers themselves.

Specifically, Bioland states that – unlike the BBV – it is not the purpose of the referendum, a law "prescribed quotas of the state quota". The warning of the farmers' association before the abolition of subsidies such as "KULAP" payments was "unfounded anxiety concerns".

More information about "KULAP" payments and other background information about the dispute in this article Merkur.de*.

The "Bavarian-wide public vote against the referendum" creates "unnecessary disagreement among farmers", writes the Bioland board. And provided the same facts: Three members of the Bioland board are currently planning to withdraw from the BBV protest against the positions and activities of the Bavarian farmers' association regarding the biodiversity of the referendum ", said the board.

His own claims on 7,700 members invited Bioland to register for the referendum. The goals were logical to stop "the extinction of the threatening species". Bioland recently had the headlines with a collaboration with discounter Lidl.

Referendum "Save the bees": huge attack – Söder responds

06:00: Due to the great pressure on the biodiversity of Volksbegehren, the Prime Minister of Bavaria, Markus Söder, announced a round table and a comprehensive law for more protection of nature and species. He wants to present this, regardless of the outcome of the referendum until the early summer – if possible in dialogue and consensus. That is why he wants to invite the initiators of the referendum, nature conservation associations, but also the farmers' association for the round table.

Markus Söder has announced a round table and a comprehensive law for more protection of nature and species.

© dpa / Peter Kneffel

"We want to involve the associations and the people in the legislation, my goal is to develop a non-ideological law that everyone takes with us until the early summer," Söder said to the German press agency in Munich on Thursday, with the emphasis to: "The motto must be: save the bees and the farmers."

"Regardless of the outcome of the referendum, I want to invite a round table to reach a two-fold consensus," he said. "We all have to come with us: nature conservation associations, hunters, fishermen, landscape architects and of course the farmers' association, I want to know if we can make a better law." Protection of nature and species only goes with and not against farmers. "The referendum may not lead to a Höfesterben," he emphasized.

This was the news about the diversity of speech diversity under the motto "Save the Bees" from Thursday

Update of 7 February 1923: To the north of Munich there is a problem surrounding the referendum: the Freising Action Alliance for the petition of the bee population raises serious allegations against the local citizens' bureau: what had to happen there was "incredible". Read more in this article at Merkur.de *.

Update from February 7, 4.20 pm: There are current interim figures from the Bavarian People's Guard Type of Conservation: According to a projection by the initiators, approximately 700,000 people are expected to be registered for the referendum on Thursday evening.

On the start page of the initiative you will also find the data per municipality. According to the information about 72,500 citizens signed in Munich. The deadline for participation is Wednesday, February 13th.

Referendum "Save the bees": half a million have already signed

Munich – Half is ready: almost half a million voters have already registered in the Bavarian city houses for the referendum on biodiversity. This was announced on Tuesday by the initiators of the request, which stands under the slogan "Save the Bees". Thus, on day five of the two-week registration period, about five percent of voters in Bavaria applied for the request. For this to succeed, ten percent must register in the free state.

What else you need to know about the referendum "Save the bees", read the facts.

For those responsible, the latest figures reported by the town halls are "stimulating interim results". The deadline for registering the referendum is 13 February.

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