Report: Schalke wants to end the Baba loan – interest from Spain

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Absolutely correct from Schalke thumbs-upBaba is a classic mercenary for me. Was injured for a long time and is no longer in shape.

A mercenary is recruited against payment (Sold), usually for a certain period of time and bound by a contract soldier.

Since when are footballers soldiers?

The problem with the mercenary was always that they could not be certain of their loyalty, because they were simply sick of the money and often changed sides during the war.

So also in football, so to speak, that players feel obligated only because of the money for the money.
BTW btw think that with a player from meaningful loans hardly worth many changes should not be said.
The boy was a bit overrated at the time in Augsburg and would have been more of a solid middle class club than Chelsea, but of course we like to take the millions.
In addition, there was an immense injury pitch on Chelsea and also with Schalke, who probably hurt him even more, because he has always achieved a lot about his entrance and his speed.

PS as a back-up for Chelsea he was always good enough like Rafinha in Bayern

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