Ross Antony’s husband nearly died

Great concern for Ross Antony: his husband Paul collapsed from severe pain and was in mortal danger. Only emergency surgery can save him.

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Ross Antony and Paul Reeves have been a couple since the late 1990s and are mostly inseparable. But just when the opera singer succumbed to the pain and fought for his life, his husband couldn’t stand by his side.

Emergency surgery after a ruptured appendix

“Paul called me from home and said, ‘I can’t walk anymore. I’m on the ground and have to call the ambulance,’” said Ross Antony in an interview with “Das Neue Blatt” about the traumatic incident in September. The ex “Bro’Sis” star was in a TV production in Leipzig, his husband in Siegburg, some 500 kilometers away. To Ross Antony, helplessness was hell. “I was more afraid of Paul than ever,” he reveals.

Fortunately, the front door could be opened via an app on the mobile phone, so that the paramedics could quickly take Paul Reeves to the hospital, where he received immediate surgery. The diagnosis: ruptured appendix. “The doctor said that if he had stayed home half an hour longer, he would be dead by now,” recalls Ross Antony.

“I immediately jumped into the car”

In the meantime he himself was terrified and went straight to his husband. “The worst thoughts went through my mind. I immediately jumped into the car and somehow managed to drive from Leipzig to Siegburg in six hours to be by his side,” said the singer.

Paul survived the operation well and is now “fitter than ever”, his husband explains with relief. Ross Antony and Paul Reeves have been officially in a civil partnership since 2006 and have been legally married since 2017. On December 12th they will celebrate their third wedding anniversary.

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