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Rudi Assauer funeral: daughter Katy wants to fight legally against outreach – mixed

To the funeral of Rudi Assauer it is apparently a quarrel between his children Katy and Bettina to get. As Katy mentions on the funeral sue.

She says that Bettina, who cared for her father until her death, would have released her. On the other hand she opposes: In the court Katy wants to reach a restraining order according to "Bild".

Bettina apparently refuses Date for the funeral announcement, Bettina & # 39; s lawyer confirms "Bild" that Katy's lawyer contacted him. & # 39; She gave me the order to arrange the matter for her. & # 39;

Sophia Thomalla does not attend the funeral of Rudi Assauer

And further: "Katy Assauer has asked her lawyer to publish information about the funeral of Rudi Assauer, everything outside the court." Tuesday Bettina's lawyer wants to speak a loud "image".

Earlier Sophia Thomalla had said goodbye to her foster father and said she would not go to the funeral of the ex-Schalke manager who had died as a result of his Alzheimer's.

Your parting words now appear in a different light. The model lived for nine years with her mother Simone at Assauer. According to "Bild" Sophia belongs to the camp of the non-funeral-invited daughter Katy.

Obituary for Assauer causes a stir

Also a obituary, which appeared on Saturday in the "Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung", suggests that the relationship between Sophia Thomalla and her mother and several relatives of Rudi Assauer was not relaxed.

"In the difficult way you went, proximity and distance to your loved ones were no longer determinable", says the ad, which has been signed by many people, but not Assauer & # 39; s daughter Bettina Michel and his old secretary Sabine Söldner.

Family members accuse Bettina of protecting her father. The rules in the ad may also refer to the dementia disease of Assauer. According to "photo" around the daughters two camps originated.

Sophia Thomalla had also hinted that there had been no contact with Assauer lately. Nevertheless, Assauer had been like a father to her. She describes in her farewell a contract killer, who many did not know,

A lookout without macho attitude, without football, without Schalke. She tells how they celebrated Easter and Christmas.

Rudi Aussauer was more than a doer for Sophia Thomalla

How they went on vacation and how, while they skipped school, they ran their cigar around their headmaster's office. And how she constantly admonished him as a 14-year-old adolescent brat & # 39; for no reason.

She says that because of Schalke's last lost minutes in 2001, she had cried with Assauer, which has been one of the worst days of her life to this day.

Model feels more than sadness

"I do not know what I feel", writes Sophia Thomalla. Of course she feels the sadness, but that is not all. When her mother and partner broke up, she tried not to make contact and she convinced herself that it was better that way. "Now I am 30 and I have to look back and see that I am sorry."

Sophia Thomalla owes a lot to Assauer

Sophie Thomalla writes in the "image" that there is one difficult task is to find the right words for someone who has influenced her. She gives a deep insight into Rudi Assauer, writes that he mainly sat in his executive chair, drank black tea with lemon and a lot of honey. The Ruhr area had been difficult for her as a girl who grew up in Berlin.

But she was grateful to Assauer"Thanks to him, two hearts beat in my chest, one from East Berlin, one from the Ruhr area," Ossi brides, "he called my mother and me, and was always happy as a snow king, when we were euphoric. "

Assauer accompanied Thomalla in her puberty. And much of her: "The first cigarette, the first drink of alcohol, the first 6 in mathematics, the first visit to the director, the first friend, the first tattoo." If he would see her tattoos today, he would probably have hands thinking about her head.

With the death of Assauer she asks herself: "how I actually became the person I am now." She is more of an "on-the-go" type. She has Assauer's, she writes in "Bild": "My passion for football, my taste for beer, hard shell, but still soft core, not easy to lose, tough and honest to the bone."

However, she did not want to write about Alzheimer's, which caused Assauer to die.

Rudi Assauer – a short profile of his life:

  • Rudi Assauer was born on 30 April 1944
  • He was best known for his football career, first as a player, among others, Borussia Dortmund
  • And later as Schalke manager
  • He died on 6 February as a result of Alzheimer's disease

Simone Thomalla comments on the message

Her mother also responded to the Instagram post Simone Thomalla"Thanks, Sophia, it's so infinitely moving for me to read how you've experienced our time together, thank you for taking these words from me, speaking to me from my innermost heart and being so honest," she writes. .

And further: "As a mother, I can only say: I did everything right, a sense of pride, now let's go in. In love, Mom. & # 39;

Simone Thomalla himself says goodbye to Instagram from her ex-partner"You were a very special person and you will miss", she writes to a photo of Assauer, who shows him with a cup and the typical cigar in his mouth. "Happy journey dear Rudi." (Bekö)

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