Sega Classics alluded to: Sonic bounces and jumps on the Fire TV

Sony has just released its mini-console Playstation Classic (test at – and with it the community rather against itself. The selection of the 20 games is just as disappointing as the technical implementation. Sega follows a very different concept with a collection of 25 games, now available under the title Sega Classics for the Fire TV Stick 4K from Amazon as a 400 MB app.

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For about 13 euros there are some classics, the majority of which appeared in the 1990s for the Sega Mega Drive. On offer are gems such as Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and 2 as well as the successor Sonic CD, there are the fighting game Streets of Rage and Golden Ax (part 1 to 3), as well as action titles such as Alien Storm, Gunstar Heroes and Comix Zone. Sega has divided the titles into sections such as action, beat-em-up, platform players and puzzles – so even beginners will find what they are looking for relatively quickly.

Operation is normally done with the Fire TV remote control. It is kept transversal, with the large circle key in most cases the direction is determined, actions are performed with the keys next to it. This works amazingly well – as long as it does not get too hectic. For the first few levels in Sonic, for example, we had no problems. However, once really complex maneuvers are required, specifically designed for gaming input devices ago.

They can be connected to the Fire TV via Bluetooth. We have tried the newer controllers of the Xbox One and the Playstation 4, but in principle every suitable equipped game pad has to work. With the Xbox One there are no problems, the connection is immediate and it is a real pleasure to blow off steam in the colorful retro classics.

The input device of the PS4 can also be linked (using the "Share" and "Playstation"), but the controller does not work – after some chatter we have discovered that the cause seems to be a known error in the recent firmware of Fire TV is. In the 15 games with multiplayer mode, a player can compete with the Fire remote and another player with the gamepad, which worked well in practice.

Classic or spongy

In some, but not all, games, the presentation can be personal preferences. This is not possible with the Sonic titles, with Streets of Rage and most others – which is not clear. Where we can change the graphical representation, we can activate a strong filter – but then the photo is very blurry. Alternatively, we can choose a mode called "Classic" that we like the most, or display additional scan lines as in an old CRT. Incidentally, the latter one of the functions that are only possible with tricks on the PS Classic.

As an image format, we can choose 4: 3 or simply select the original pixel format from earlier. The third option determines the appearance of the frame. This can be simply black, but there are also some chic designs of classic Sega consoles to choose from.

For most games – not Sonic again – we can also use comfort functions, such as saving or replaying, which is easy and comfortable. We do not know which emulator is used behind the scenes. Technical problems or stuttering with the now at Amazon in the software store app that we have not noticed yet.

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