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Six-year-old is buried under roller shutter and dies

A six-year-old girl was buried in Neu Wulmstorf under a falling roller door and mortally wounded. The truck driver who knocked down the gate on a metal fence is missing every trace, the police said on Sunday. It is still unclear whether the unknown driver has noticed the child's accident. The police are looking for witnesses who were in the industrial area in the Harburg district on Friday afternoon, where residential buildings are also observations. "We are grateful for every hint," said a police spokesman.

The girl was so badly injured by the overthrown goal of 400 kilograms she later died in a hospital in Hamburg. According to previous findings, a truck changed at the end of a dead end road to the driveway of the building where the child was staying. At the same time, the truck hit the massive gate at the entrance of the building, which was pushed out of the rail and hit the six-year-old.

Relatives called for help because they could not just move the gate. Several workers escorting from a nearby construction site liberated the child.

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